Monday , October 3 2022

Melkuiades Sanchez Orozco, the official voice of the Aztec stadium, died


Don Melkuiades Sanchez Orozco, which was the official voice of Azeca Stadium for 52 years and practically since the inauguration of "Santa Ursula Colossus", died on Sunday evening at the age of 90 in Mexico City.

Sources of the company Televisa confirmed ESPN the death of a voice surrounded by the Aztec stadium for more than 50 years.

Sanchez Orozco has for years been not only the official voice of Estadio Azteca. It's also part of a historic radio station KSEV i KSEK for a large part of his career.

Commercial voice on open television and radio for decades has also been part of his career.

Don Melkuiades missed the official meeting in the building for the first time, and death was also part of that absence.

Because of his wife's death, Isela de la Rocha, Don Melkuiades failed to meet with Aztec on Sunday, May 28, last year.

The medical issues gradually pulled him away from the Estadio Aztec microphone. He was replaced in the Mexican Selection Games and also in the return of Cruz Azula to the Colosseum. However, he recently received a reward and his return, because a voice in US games was announced.

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