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Netflix fires trans employee strike organizer motivated by controversial comedian monologue by comedian Dave Chappelle



15 October 2021 20:35 GMT

According to the portal The Verge, it would be a pregnant African-American woman whose contract was terminated due to the suspicion that she leaked sensitive information related to the controversial program ‘The Closer’ to the media.

After the controversy over comedian David Chappelle’s monologue “The Closer” for his treatment of the LGBTK community broke out, Netflix decided to fire the organizer of the trans employees’ strike scheduled for October 20, who called on colleagues to protest against the treatment of the Company’s situation.

The identity of the woman has not been revealed, although the portal The Verge specifies that it has African American employees who is currently pregnant. The workers’ contract was terminated due to the suspicion that the media leaked information about Chappelle’s program. In particular, information about amount of money which Netflix paid for the “show” and hers Volume.

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“We fired an employee for sharing confidential and commercially sensitive information outside the company. We understand that this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and pain over Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is key to our company.” a spokesman for the technology giant confirmed the news to The Verge.

Controversy over Chappelle’s monologue erupted on October 7, when transgender clerk Terra Field wrote on his Twitter account the Chappella edition “It attacks the trans community and the very validity of transsexuality.” In addition, Field tried to access a virtual meeting of senior executives to discuss the issue, but they did not let her inside. Netflix later suspended Field and two other employees, although she was later returned to work.

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