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Pact ?, Freddie Mercury discovered the meaning of Bohemian Rhapsody

A work of art or a pact with the lower? Much has been said about the real meaning of the fairy tale Queen Bohemian rhapsody, composed by her vocalist and leader Freddie Mercury.

The only thing that is completely certain is that Freddie Mercuri he was a true musical genius, and Bohemian Rapshody his masterpiece; However, the world did not want to remain in doubt as to what this song meant and the famous singer was questioned about it.

Many were truly stunned by the leader’s response the QueenWell, no one expected the vocals to say that about Bohemian Rapshodi, was it really a pact with the god @ bloom; Well, no, the answer he gave to the world was the most innocent.

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It doesn’t really matter, it’s just rhyming nonsense, Mercury said in an interview.

Both Bohemian Rapshodi themes released on the album Night at the opera In 1975, since the range of Freddie Mercury’s voice was the subject of analysis by many experts.

Many claim that the lyrics and music are a success the Queen They are aligned to describe the pact that the devil and Freddie Mercury made in exchange for fame and fortune. The success lasted for nine weeks at the top of the music charts and returned after the music icon left.

These were the three voices that the icon of all time had to record in order to finally get his work of art; In addition, this hit is considered one of the best solo guitars in history.

Twitter user @ KellyToverss managed to attract the attention of many people by explaining part of the song part by part to explain what happened and assures that Bohemian Rapshodi is a recognition of the music star to the world.

The user started by explaining the reasons for the name of Queen’s success, everything goes back to the musical style and the story that is effectively related to di @ bloom.

First of all, “Rhapsody” is a type of musical work from the 19th century, and even much earlier, but the greatest peak was in the 19th century and consists of various themes that take place without a break … And the word “Bohemia” refers to the city of Bohemia, currently the Czech Republic, formerly Central and Eastern Europe, a city where Dr. Faust in Goethe’s story makes a pact with God in exchange for gaining fame as an alchemist and then tragically dying.

Netizen explained that “La Rhapsody of Bohemia“It consists of 7 parts or acts, just like the incredible work of Freddie Mercury.” “, Explained the young woman.

As he points out, the first act represents a poor young man who is not interested in his soul and decides to make a pact with God in exchange for fame and fortune; He can also boast of the “blowing wind”, referring to the breath of God which gives the soul to man.

In the second act, the young man pleads with his mother, but the one who left is himself a change of soul and is now convicted after making a pact; he could leave at any moment and wish her to continue her life as if nothing had happened.

The third act is very strong, the young man cries because the time has come to go and wish that he was never born and that he never made that pact with God; Immediately afterwards comes the fourth act, the cry of his mother, represented by a guitar solo from Brian Mai.

The fifth act tells of him watching angels and demons fight for his soul; his mother’s pleas encourage the angels to fight for the young man, who tells his mother to stop asking, because there is already a demon next to him who will eventually take him away.

The sixth act speaks of the appearance of a god who seeks what is his, emphasizing that he cannot ridicule him, asking him to leave him later.

PART SIX: The Devil claims that the devil appears claiming to say, “Do you think you can make fun of me?” (So, you think you can stone me and spit in my eye) love and let me die).

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The seventh act indicates that it is a recognition of his pact, of what happened and that he managed to save his soul since the angels fought the demons and God fled, he doesn’t care what people know.

ACT SEVEN: He announces that the song is his confession, he doesn’t care that people see and know it (Nothing really matters, no one can see) and he recovers his soul (In any case, the wind blows).

A pact or an innocent song, what do you think is behind the Bohemian Rhapsody?Freddie Mercuri did he really sell his soul to god?

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