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San Diego calmly despite the presence of thousands of migrants in Tijuana


San Diego. – The Californian castle San Diego continues today in calmly despite the presence thousands of migrants who are waiting for a day on the other side of the border, in Mexico Tihuana, hoping to be able to seek asylum in the United States.

According to the latest calculations, around 4,000 people are waiting for camping on the other side of the customs, of which 1,500 were crossed by Mexico with a caravan that left Honduras on October 13th.

Waiting, however, looked a long time since US President Donald Trump's government has recently changed the rules so that only azures can be sought at entry ports like San Isidro, San Diego.

A group of people enter the United States from Tijuana, across the San Isidro Port of Entry border crossing today, in San Diego, California (USA). Photo: EFE

A group of people enter the United States from Tijuana, the border crossing of Port San Isidro in San Diego, California (USA). Photo: EFE

In spite of the fact that initially this measure will be in force for only 90 days, the US Customs and Border Protection Office. (CBP, due to its abbreviation in English) calculates that it will make the members of the caravan wait about four months before they begin the procedures for accessing the land.

For this reason, while Tihuana increases tensions due to the high arrival of migrants forced to camp outside the city, which has caused neighbor's complaints, San Diego has silence.

"There is no violence, no protests, no differences, only a lot of money has been spent on soldiers here without weapons," said New Yorker Ricardo Callen for Efe as he called for the deployment of thousands of soldiers on the border with Mexico.

Callen, a veteran American armed force married to a Mexican woman, assures us that people in SanDiego are "quiet" and that neither one who crosses the border on a daily basis, nor his relatives see any difference in the area.

Soldiers set up a wire railing in San Diego, California, USA UU Photo: EFE

A clear example of this calm is Park Amistad, which serves as a common point of encounter with immigrants who have recently arrived in the country and who meet there with their loved ones who are waiting on the other side of the border.

The park was closed on Saturday, according to Efe, after US authorities decided to close it at the weekend, some migrants tried to enter the country a couple of days ago by swimming on the Imperial Beach, located at the western end of this green zone.

In addition, on Friday, a CBP representative was almost hit by a stone that came across the border while controlling works on reinforcing the fence.

"People are angry because there are very aggressive migrants, and we offered them money, food, shelter, water, and they despised it, it's bad, we Mexicans who come to the United States can not, because they are opening us," said Efe a young Mexican woman working on the American side of the border called Ruby.

This alleged aggression shown by some members of various caravans traveling north on Sunday was the main argument used by President Trump, who described these "invasive" migratory movements, in order to order the deployment of troops in the country. southern border.

The two Central American migrants are watching the US military. Photo: AFP

According to the latest Pentagon information, currently 5,900 regular soldiers are spreading across California, Arizona and Texas, which help border agencies, mainly in logistics and the installation of barbed wire.

This Saturday, Efe could confirm that the street is actually San Isidro Street, located in the southern zone of San Diego, reinforced by concerts and rearranging the existing border fence over the past several hours.

However, at this customs post, one of the busiest on the planet, out of the helicopters that are constantly flying over the area, military presence is not noticeable.

"It's the assembling of the president, soldiers here are not needed, it's just a show of strength, they will not shoot women and children, or those who want to go without weapons." It's funny, "Callen concluded.

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