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Stress protein can be an anti-infection


The stress This causes damage to our physical and mental health. When suffering chronic stress, we can experience pain ranging from mild to intense and obesity, however, a study from the University of Sydney and the Sydney Technological University in Australia has shown that stress protein can help prevent it Obesity.

This study was published in The Journal of Phisiologists and focuses on the SIRT1 protein that regulates metabolism in dealing with stress. This method is effective in male offspring. When levels SIRT1 in male decadents increases overweight it stops, improves blood sugar regulation and reduces blood and liver levels in the blood.

The experiment was carried out in laboratory mice whose mothers were high-fat foods and genetically modified to have an additional SIRT1 gene. The descendants of these mice were normal and without obesity.

Dugi Nguien, the lead author of the study, shows that this experiment sounds promising to carry out therapeutic methods for people and to prevent obesity in the next generation.

What is stress?

The stress it is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the ever increasing needs of life. Polls show that many Americans experience stress-related stresses at some point during the year.

When considering the cause of stress, remember that your brain is in constant contact with the alarm system for your protection. When your brain threatens the threat, it sends signals to your body to free eHormonal explosion to stimulate your response capacity, which is known as the "fight or flight" response.

When the threat disappears, it is assumed that your body will return to the normal state of relaxation. But, unfortunately, stress that does not stop in modern life means that your alarm system rarely turns off.

That's why stress control is so important. Stress control provides you with various instruments to customize your alarm system.

If you do not control stress, very often your body is in a state of continuous alertness. With time, high stress levels lead to serious health problems. Do not wait until stress affects your health, your relationships, or your quality of life. Start practicing different stress management techniques today.

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