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The largest narcotic in Mexico could be in Veracruz … mother


But this place is just one of many points that are pointed out in different ways to the mothers of the group of people who have information on the presence of tombs, most of them presuming them delinquent with regret.

Located about 15 minutes from the center of Veracruz, he entered the mother's radar after La Seido secured several properties in the area after providing an organized criminal cell operating in the port in 2017

The names and belongings of the subjects are confidential, but they were confiscated by the Government of Veracruz Public Security Secretariat in 2017, in the possession of weapons, cars with theft and clear indications that they were executing the rivals.

When the detainee's profile was known, Seido was instantly attracted to them, and information began to move to different countries inhabited close to 13 kilometers, where there could be people who were killed and who were buried.

In the trials, "he continued," one of those detainees accepted that he killed dozens of people for counting accounts and disappearing in tombs in the northern part of the city of Veracruz.

With this information – it is not known whether the detainees directly pointed to points on the scene – PGR moved to the area and began to provide land.

In these groups there are PGR seals, and some of the traits follow the features of the late magnate Valentine Ruiz Ortiza and Casas Fantasmas.

Actually, in Casas Fantasmas there are reports that they have been working there for several months, members of Los Zetas who had a "kitchen" in which they killed dozens of rivals using acid and fuel and that their waste was thrown about 13 and a half.

This kitchen would function at the end of the government of Fidel Herrera Beltran and earlier than Javier Duarte de Ochoa. The time of the reign of Zeta and the arrival of Jalisco.

Namely, on January 6, 2012, hours prior to the first visit by Enrique Pena Nieto as President of Mexico Veracruz, the authorities were warned by the appearance of several bodies in Casas Fantasmas.

The massacre took place at the height of the war between the Jalisco Nueva Generacion and Los Zetas for the avalanche in Veracruz.

In blood and lead, two groups disputed the corridor of the jarocho port, Boca del Rio, Cardel and Medellin de Bravo, the most spectacular launch of 35 corpses in front of the Plaza Americas in Boca del Rio in September. The authorities rushed to say that they were Zeta who were executed.

A month later, Casas Fantasmasa's massacre answered his rivals to visit Pena Nieto in Veracruz. However, nothing went out in the press. Journalists were threatened.

Years later, the search for the Solecita collective investigated in cooperation with the PGR, thanks to the stated intentions.

In the request for data 01597217, Verakruz General Prosecutor confirmed that in September 2011 they were in Casas Fantasmas, near a place known as the Renaissance, 27 secret graves with more than 50 human remains.

When defining the "residue", it does not determine whether it was the whole body or the suppression of the "kitchen" operation.

It is not the first time that this delinquency gives the mother collectives timely information long before the authorities.

The same Colinas tomb was due to anonymous reports by mother Solecito on May 10 in the port of Jarocho. The cases addressed members of the group who protested over the indolence of the authorities to look for their loved ones and handed over a map where the information was read step by step to reach the megacoss.

In April 2015, the Office of the State Prosecutor of the Republic exhumed the remains of five people near the area of ​​the tombs in Kolinas.

Official information indicates that three whole bodies and two skulls were found, i.e.

At that location, it is known that PGR came with a detainee who "put" the place where his cell buryed some people. It is not known what a group of crimes is.

The astounding thing is that the PGR did not perform a wider search. If so, since then, Colinas would be involved, the scandal would break out before the June 2015 elections, when Javier Duarte de Ochoa and his co-workers returned the candidates, removing the last complete car for PRI in Veracruz. Today, most of these winning candidates face justice for the treachery robbery.

In the same year, under the pressure of the growing social muscle of the collective, Luis Angel Bravo Contreras, in his role as the general prosecutor, sent several agents and the presumed binomial to cut dunes at Colinas. They did not find anything

In November 2011, days after the Plaza Americas massacre, the Navy arrested several criminals who "put" a grave in the municipality of Manlio Favio Altamirano.

When the PGR participated, because the elements of the armed forces among the mortals were obviously, the body was rescued, which lasted for two days.
In total, 28 victims were exhumed, most of whom were related to the Jalisco cartel, who avenged Los Zetas.

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