Friday , January 22 2021

The world’s first public clinics, hospitals and medical schools (29)

There is no happy life without health.

The President of the Republic promised that Mexico would have a medical service The first class, similar to countries like Canada, England, Denmark or Sweden. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible to perform, because if you really want, you can do it now, when there is the political will to do it. Dear reader: That is our purpose and we must support it. It is for the good of all. That is not politics.

The lack of medical services in the country continues to be such that many patients continue to suffer from a lack of timely and effective care, mostly in rural and isolated areas. In many communities, where there is hardly a clinic and some basic medicines, and in which sometimes there are no doctors or they do not visit them regularly, the service is poor and there is no work on weekends.

It is not explained why in Mexico medical services, both clinics and public hospitals, are still not provided regularly Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. On weekends, there are moments of break, tension and care for patients, because services are not the same as five working days. All services have been kept to a minimum and some have been reduced. And all of this, dear reader, is something that must be changed as soon as possible in order to improve the medical care that patients need every day of the week. Of course, in order to determine the whole working day in the whole week, there would not be the same doctors, nor the same staff for the mentioned job, but the whole system of work in the health sector would have to be restructured to adapt to the needs of the most important service.

Medical and health services, both in clinics and in public hospitals, must be available every day of the week, just as they are provided in private ones. It is not that there is no vacation, but for its implementation it will be necessary to hire new staff who will work in the health sector on those empty days. In addition to looking for a better service, as it should be, because it is not a school or a factory, where they are closed on weekends, there will be great benefits in many aspects, because the service will be available to everyone, every day of the week. Additionally, thousands of permanent jobs will be created.

Of course, this restructuring must be well planned in order to avoid work and administrative complications, because, since it is a weekend, it would be considered a special job with a special salary. It should be borne in mind that if this vital aspect is not restructured, The national health system could collapse in a short time and with very worrying results due to the lack of efficient and continuous services.

In fact, as the president wants, first-level or first-world services are possible, but only if the entire infrastructure of the existing medical and health services is significantly changed. This reengineering, which was recommended by Dr. Rubn Argero, is still in force and timely now that we are facing serious health problems, obviously temporary, but which, if we do not act intelligently and responsibly, can be complicated by catastrophic results.

But, of course, these necessary changes and adjustments in everything that has to do with medical and health services would not be enough if the training of health workers is not also considered. Doctors must be highly trained to be able to work effectively. Here, too, medical schools have a lot to do with it. It’s not about train new doctors as much as possible and without having all the necessary didactic, technical and scientific resources. Medical schools are and must continue to be, pillar of the entire medical infrastructure of the National Health System, which has not received adequate attention so far. Go on

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