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This way you can transfer the image to the text


Did you know you could forward the image to the text on the Google Photos from a mobile phone? The process is very simple, you only need to use the function of detecting and copying the text of the application, this function is available for both Android and iOS devices.

It is important to note that depending on the image, the tool can automatically perform the scanning process. For example, if it’s a photo of a page in a book or something with text as the main element, Google Photos will scan it.

Google Photos

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How do I convert an image to text using Google Photos?

Automatic and manual method

  • You must first take a photo with the camera of your mobile phone or take a screen.
  • Then go to the app Google Photos and click on the image whose text you want to extract.
  • When you take a photo of your text, Google Photos will show you the “Copy text from image” option to floating text.
  • Finally, Google Photos will analyze the image, reveal the text, and select the part. You can change the selection with a blue shading that marks the beginning and end of the text.
forward the image to the text

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In case the text does not dominate the image you want to scan, Google Photos It will not display the “Copy text from image” suggestion and you will have to do it manually.

  • Select the Google Lens icon that appears in the options below.
  • When analyzing an image, click on the text to select it.
  • Three different options will appear at the bottom of the screen:
  • “Save the selected text to the device clipboard”, ie it will copy it, and then paste it into the text field of the desired application.
  • “Search Google”, that is, will perform a web search of the text you have selected.
  • Translate the text that will open the Google Translate app.

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