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Two people arrested in Morelos – Palco Quintanarroense – News from Quintana Roo, Cancun, Playa del Carmen


The mayor of Tlaltizapan, David Salazar Guerrero, confirmed the deaths of two people and three more people due to rickettsia, a disease caused by a peanut bite, an insect extending extensively at the end of the rainy season.

Rosario Galvez Castilla, the director of health care in the municipality, explained that the victims were a young man and his grandfather, who lived in the same home.

"The Ministry of Health makes the health barrier in this Puebla Nuevo community in search of new cases, there are three relatives, two relatives and uncle, but in another house with similar symptoms," the official explained.

Both their grandfather and grandfather, aged 16 and 70, died on October 14 and were originally diagnosed as dengue, but when inconsistencies were discovered, clinical studies confirmed that it was a rickettsia.

"It's because of the bite of zucchini, and the symptoms occur between the first and second weeks after the bite, and the symptoms are very similar to dengue fever, headache is headache, there is a rash, muscle pain," he explained. .

The tick plague is remarkable, but its spread becomes more effective because it is easily linked to dogs and they are responsible for taking parasites from lead boxes into homes in rural areas.

The mayor explained that when the rain is over, the gloves are played manually in all state corals.

The mayor even asked the federal authorities to intervene to control the plague, as in that area there are many boxes in which goats and livestock breed, it also estimates the population of 3000 thousand heads of beef cattle

"It's just playing right now, cattle just lie down, the climb climbing, falling, falling back into the ground, laying eggs, but hundreds of eggs with a cloth and the next day begin to be born," he explained.

Jose Luis Centeno Zuniga, president of the Tlaltizapan Association of Animal Husbandry, confirmed that the presence of this ball was higher and asked agricultural producers and owners of domestic animals to be allowed to understand it.

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