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VIDEO, PHOTOS: This will be the space colonies proposed by the owner of Amazon

As part of the event in the city of Washington, USA, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and the founder of Blue Origin, explained in detail his ideas on the colonization of space, as well as their plans for Space to the Moon

Bezos began his speech by noting that in the future mankind would remain without energy on Earth, but that if it moves towards the solar system I would have unlimited resources.

The entrepreneur acknowledged that a scenario in which human beings live on other planets is not ideal, because most of them are far from Earth, not serious and not large enough. So, in order for his idea to be possible, he suggested that it be created space colonies which could contain entire cities, agricultural areas, and even parks.

This spacious habitat, named after Neill, should be large enough to accommodate a million people each of them and be close enough to Earth, so that its citizens can travel to their home planet.

According to Bezos, these colonies would indeed be "places" nice to live"Because they would have an ideal climate throughout the year and a good infrastructure, some might even imitate the architecture of the historic cities on Earth."

"The children who are here, and their children, and their grandchildren, will build the Nile Colony O'Sullivan, the work of this generation, the work of my generation is the construction of infrastructure so you can achieve it, "said the creator of Amazon.

Bezos said that now there are two important things that humanity needs to live in space: a radical cost reduction launch and exploitation of spatial resources, because it is very expensive to move things from Earth.

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