Saturday , January 23 2021

Alik is cold with Magali Berdah because of Aiss? We have more information!

Is Alik in a bad relationship with Magali Berdah? This question was answered by the director of Shauna Events in an interview.

Although her last post was unanimous on Instagram, Alik is at the center of rumors that she is in a bad relationship with Magali Berdah. As a reminder, the beautiful brunette came into conflict with Aissa on the Internet. The war through social networks between the two wives of the Prince and Princess of Love 4 caused an ink flow. However, another detail attracted the attention of fans. The reality TV star really criticized the director of Shaun Events in her messages. This, therefore, suggests that they are far from on good terms.

Magali Berdah gives her opinion on the Alik / Aissa conflict

At the microphone, Sama Zirah took the floor to Magali Berdah to clarify things. The director of Shauna Events revealed that Alik had invited her. According to her beliefs, the beautiful brunette wanted to explain herself, but in the end she pushed her voice. This means a certain impulsiveness of the reality TV candidates. In any case, it seems that the chief concerned forgave him. As for Aiss, the blogger’s guest confided that she respects his point of view. However, she explained that the young woman crossed the border when she spoke about racism.

According to rumors circulating on the net, Aissa could be sidelined because of her remarks. On the other hand, Magali Berdah wanted to make it clear that she was not “Don’t take the lead” despite Alika’s raving. Moreover, the two women are not friends, moreover, they do not work together. So there is no war, but everyone makes their own life on their side.

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