Monday , March 27 2023

Angels 11: Famous candidate arrives on set (VIDEO)


It's gone! Angels 11 are presented and there are surprises. The shooting has already started in Marrakesh, Morocco, a brand new destination for the NRJ12 program. Usually, candidates fly to mythical cities on the other side of the planet, just to break through modeling, song or on the big screen. This time, they did not go far, but they can enjoy the sun and the many activities that will be offered to them. While everything begins to be set to begin recording the first episodes, iconic candidate has arrived in the adventure …

Angels 11: Famous candidate arrives on set (VIDEO)

This person is Amelie Neten! The young woman in her account Snapchat said she could not find the exact place where she was, but she continued selling the stick by explaining how she worked. Thanks to the photo showing the pool and palm trees, you would realize that she is back in service, but just behind the camera! Yes, as far as the Angels and Angels 3 holidays in Marbella are concerned, the Belgian fairly integrates production and will not be on the screen … Too bad! For the console, we have the first images of Angela 11 that were discovered and where we can find Aurelie Dotremont, Julien Guirado and Raphael Pepin.

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