Thursday , June 17 2021

Are you willing to pay for podcasts?

The announcement did not go unnoticed, but with many new features introduced by Apple, it is a bit forgotten! iOS 14.5 will offer a major overhaul of its Podcasts app, but that’s not all: it will launch a subscription system a few weeks later.

The economic model is similar to the App Store model, with most podcasts being free, others adopting the freemium model, and some that will require payment.

For the world of podcasts, this is a small revolution. Initiatives to enable podcast publishers have been growing for some time. In 2017, the Cupertino-based company integrated an audience measurement system into its podcasting app to make it easier for publishers to sell advertising messages.

More recently, Spotify has taken a keen interest in podcasts and spent a lot of money to get the leading podcast exclusivity. A competitor of Apple Music is also working on a paid offer. For its part, Apple with its subscription system remains true to its philosophy. It remains to be seen how publishers will take advantage of this new opportunity and whether they will find their audience. And you ? Are you willing to subscribe and therefore pay for podcasts?

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