Tuesday , May 30 2023

Assaad Bouab (ten percent) cut his hair: find out what it looks like


Assaad Bouab changed his mind. The translator Hicham Janowski in Ten Percentus cut his hair. He finished his seal characteristic of him in the series, he now plays a short hairstyle.

With his dark eyes, Assaad Bouab is THE HUNT from the Ten percent. On Wednesday, November 14 at 9 pm in France 2, the 38-year-old actor will return to the series where he playsHe is scared by Hicham Janovski, head of art agency ASK. With a beard and a hair drawn in a stick, a character breaks more than one viewer from the second season of the program produced by Dominic Besnehard.

A few hours before the start of the season 3 Ten percent, Assad Bouab trusted his character to always enjoy the game on the screen. " It's great for an actress or actress to play a character that has a lot of flawssaid LCI. I think Camille Cottin liked to interpret it jerk e.g.I'm with that guy. It's a multiple character, full of happiness. Interpretation Hicham Janovski is absolutely delicious. It's a little bit jerk who meets Connard! "

There is no doubt that Asad Bouab was pleased to repeat Hitcham Janovsky's costume. However, Dad is small decided radically change the look. There are no more buns, a comedian cut the hair. " That's it, that's enough! It's been three years since I had long hair He explained, revealing that he changed his hairstyle for a very good reason: " I interrupted them for the role I am currently working on. And because it's very good for me to change my mind … And then I have the right to cut my hair! " Capillary metamorphosis, to discover in our video, which will certainly divide our fans.

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