Tuesday , May 30 2023

Bagel Corner favors multi-franchising for its development


Seven partners operate in several restaurants, and four purchase contracts with the number of pages with Bagel Corner specialist have been signed.

Since the beginning of the development of its brand of licensing, the Bagel Corner network is trying to favor multiple-potential profiles. Thus, starting from 2014, seven entrepreneurs have launched a multi-purpose franchise, and four other booking contracts have been signed for the same types of business.

As for railway stations, airports and highways, institutional ones are those who took things in their hands, just likeauthorities who in July 2017 opened the corner "Bagel Corner" in the heart of the Toulouse Blagnac airport, before rebuilding the Gare de l'Est site in Paris on February 7, 2018, with an area of ​​7sqm. Same for group THEVENIN & DUCROT AUTOROUTES who launched the Bagel box at the Avia service station in the Allier-Saulzet area at A71 before he wanted to replicate the success of the Marseille's La Valentine facility at the restaurant opened in September.

In big cities, that's it entrepreneurs who have the art of using the concept great: Noemie and Baptiste chose the network of Orleans, while Nicolas opened two facilities at the age of 18 months in La Rochelle. In Montpellier, Pascal has launched his second restaurant and has the ability to implement it for the third time. Anthony, a former spokesman for the group, moved to Lyon in March 2016 and plans to work with his wife Isabelle at the Part-Dieu shopping center. In the end, Mourad was licensed from December 2015 in Toulouse, and has just found a new location in the shopping center of Tuluz Blagnac.

As for the four reservation agreements on multiple locations, they are concerned the cities of Anneci, Dijon, Marseille and Montpellier, for inauguration planned for 2019. Today, some 40 institutions, Bagel Corner continues to focus its goal of reaching 100 restaurants by 2022 and 700 in Europe. With formats from 7 to 70 m², the fast food network allows you to start your business with € 60,000 in personal contribution.

To learn more about the concept and its terms of access, learn more about All Franchise and how to open the Bagel Corner restaurant under a brand license.

Laurence Jackuin, All franchises


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