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Commercial war: The appeal of slowing global growth is delighting investors

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Kioskue360. A trade war between the United States and China has shaken the markets around the world. Investors are actually afraid of slowing global growth and are beginning to diminish their taste for financial market risk.

The commercial war between Washington and Beijing has shaken the financial markets around the world. Investors are asking more and more questions, says the French newspaper Echoes in an article published on May 23rd on his website. It must be said that as the situation develops, concern is growing, and market operators are seriously doubting the rational and quick resolution of the conflict between Donald Tramp and the United States of China, Xin Xinping.

"So far, investors have felt that Donald Trump was not interested in weakening growth ahead of the 2020 election, and that China, which is already in the stage of economic landing, would not want to be too expensive. That does not mean being forced to introduce a new liquidity that could exacerbate internal imbalances, "explains Olivier Raingeard, director of investments in Neufliz OBC, quoted by, which further explains that these fears in the markets have been added to disappointing economic indicators. Indeed, there has been a decline in service activity and production in Germany dnji. According to experts, this has raised anxiety comma. Similarly, investors have turned the funds vulnerable to the economic downturn, such as stocks, and sought refuge in gold and government bonds.

In Europe, the EuroStokk 50 ended the day by 1.76%, all of which were hit, Paris fell 1.81%, Frankfurt 1.78%, Milan 2.12% and London 1.41 At about 18:30, Vall Street was also in red, Dow Jones dropped by 1.54%, and Nasadak by 1.96%, "says, adding that yields on bonds fell to levels that It has not been seen for a long time because the appetite of the risk investor has fallen sharply.

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