Thursday , June 17 2021

COVID: Chileans vaccinated with doses intended for dogs – Latina

The investigation is still ongoing. Open to justice, it targets two Chilean veterinarians. The latter reportedly administered canine coronavirus vaccines to at least 75 people in the months leading up to the arrival of vaccines developed for humans, Chilean health officials said on Tuesday (April 20th). Two veterinarians reportedly gave the product to residents of the northern Chilean city of Calamo.

Health officials who visited a veterinary clinic in the city in September were first suspected when they saw employees working without masks. When questioned, they claimed they had been vaccinated by a local veterinarian. The first vaccines against Covid-19 arrived in Chile only a few months later, in December.

The investigation showed that another veterinarian in the city was giving the dog vaccine to other people. “It’s very dangerous” Antofagaste Region Health Secretary Rossana Diaz told 24horas television station. “There are studies that say the effects on people can be local, like irritation … or systemic.” she added.

Chile has given at least one dose of the vaccine against it so far Kovid to some 7.7 million people, out of a target population of 15.2 million. The country recorded 1.13 million infections and more than 25,000 deaths.

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