Wednesday , December 8 2021

Duty: First Exceptions


A little relief for the pump keepers. The majority of parliamentary groups heard their case and invested in the draft law on financing a long-awaited amendment: exemption from customs tax. As of January 1, 2019, they will be exempted from a 0.25% duty on transactions paid in cash.

This is the old sword of Damocles who struck the profession and who brought several services to fight tax administration for not perceiving this right. The troubles caused by this tax, on the basis of which the tax authorities became uncompromising in recent years, pushed the profession to activate its relays in parliament.

"We also convinced the Ministry of General Affairs and Tax Administration about the difficulties in establishing this tax at the level of our computer system, but also about the disputes it produces with consumers," said Jamal Zrikem, President of the Federation. .

Attorneys must also deal with protests from consumers who are not satisfied with the price level. Included in the fuel distribution wheel are included in the preparation of the draft regulation on margin limitation. The initiative is obviously abandoned.

"We are not immune to turning and we can pay for it, so we look for decree protection. Reasonable margins should also be set up so that service stations can cover their costs," says Reda Nadi, the Federation's general manager.

The cell range currently varies between DH 0.32 and 0.38 per liter. "It has not changed in 20 years, when Smig was 1,600 DH. As a result, most can not manage," said the secretary general. Three types of stations should be distinguished: those belonging to distributors, those without customs duties and third category, those owned by the manager. The first two are usually large and offer several benefits. This ensures revenue diversification. Small gas stations, sold on average 170 tons / month of fuel, will be in trouble.

"If they do not increase their margins, 50% of these stations will have to be closed. Some people with coffee on the face barely manage to cover their costs," says Nadi. He added that the pumps are directly related to distributors who have set the selling price for fuel.

There is no permissible minimum action

In addition to the margin drop provision, which is still in standby mode, another text of the application at the point of sale was also published. The first draft was presented, and then withdrawn to incorporate new provisions. So far, no new version has been proposed for professionals. Return to the question of the minimum condition that they should have.

"This is a provision that should apply exclusively to distributors, as they already receive a 150 DH / T bonus per month for their strategic reserve. However, the law does not provide compensation for service stations to cover the minimum cattle that are burdensome for them," says president. In addition to the lack of incentives, some small outlets do not have enough space to install a spare tank. And even in larger resorts, investments are needed to build a backup.

The draft regulation will also define the responsibilities of all components of the distribution network in terms of quality, traceability, transport … Texts that are obviously forgotten by line ministries, those from general affairs and energy.

Other activities remain the subject

Pumpkins are not the only ones that were exempted from the recovery from the stamped damage to cash payments, which received a receipt. Farmers also won.
Water and electricity distributors, ONEE, supermarkets, passenger carriers, etc., remains responsible for the trademark. Users often find that their account automatically increases by 0.25% in case of cash settlement. Some do not understand the meaning of surplus and believe it is an additional margin.
The method of recovery, the procedure and the period of its statement have changed. Therefore, from January 1, 2018, the customs declaration payable for the declaration must be declared and resolved through DGI's electronic platform in the month following their recovery, and no longer in a quarter. Digital formality to avoid overwork.
Recently, several large companies have been rectified because they have not applied tax on their transactions by their clients. Some had to recall a few million dirhams. It was necessary to negotiate closely with the administration to find an agreement. Since then, things are fine, as the companies concerned strictly ensure cash recovery for cash payments.

Hassan EL ARIF

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