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€ 530 € Roborock S6 autonomic vacuum cleaner: here's how

Roborock S6 robotic vacuum cleaner

The Roborock S6 is part of this new generation of robot vacuum cleaners. With a laser vision and powerful algorithm for mapping the parts in which it is moving, it optimizes its path and does not forget any place to clean.

Using the discount voucher, the Gearbest site reduces the price of the Robot S6 robot vacuum cleaner. This promotional code reduces its price to 530.10 Euros (excluding subscription to an optional warranty). It's not insignificant, using the "EU Priority Line" delivery method Gearbest gives you the benefit of free delivery to this offer.

See you at this Gearbest page take advantage of this offer. When placing your order, simply copy the following coupon into the appropriate box: MB-APRBS6 . A harsh warning, this coupon has a limited number of uses.

His smartphone, but also Aleka as an interface

Roborock S6 robotic vacuum cleaner combines all the features of a premium home appliance. It can be controlled with your smartphone, and much more, you can tell him where the room is cleaned only by choosing it on a map that was previously made by a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The new Roborock user is 20% faster and 50% quieter than his predecessor, Roborock S5. He is able to return to his base in order to borrow, is compatible with Alec to receive voice commands, and his autonomy is very important at 2:30 between two filling.

Gearbest: a rising trader

Gearbest trader is becoming increasingly popular in France. The explanation is simple: this location of Chinese origin is really technological devices, mobile phones with kuadcopteri, not to mention related objects at prices that are usually more competitive than those offered by classical heavy online retailers.

And that's the specificity of the Gearbest location. We are well accustomed to the well-known gamers at home who are American Amazon and eBai, or even Cdiscount. Gearbest, for its part, is an international trader whose extension beyond the borders of China is fully presumed. You will notice that the rates are slowly moving overnight. This is caused by the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the euro that will see the user located in Europe and take the dollar as a reference. Note: These are products that, when passing through your order, will be mainly imported from Asia. It should be noted that Gearbest increases the number of its warehouses in Europe, allowing it to offer a delivery deadline that does not exceed a few days without the risk of additional costs or deadlines.

One more observation: you will realize that the choice is impressive … but also very limited. The explanation is simple: you will find famous Chinese brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus for mobile devices, as well as DJs for drones, for those you will not see the generally unavoidable brands that are Apple or Samsung. On the other hand, we uncover models of Chinese companies unknown in France, in a good number, with an attractive aspect and at a lower price than their equality in brands we know well.

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