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Exquisite Smurf Exhibition for 60 Years of Little Blue Elves – VALGIRARDIN.FR

Name Smurf! Famous blue elves
summer station in Paris of the 15th centuryTh Boro. Small and
It will be great to be able to participate in one of their adventures but this time … at
in the sheriff. Their universe has been restored to Paris Expo
Porte de Versailles where visitors will be able to live Smurf Experiment unpublished, labeled by the United Nations.

Upon entering the magical forest, the visitor will leave
gradually turns into Štrumpf. Walk around the village square
or enter the house of the Great Strumfus mushroom. suffer
the suffering of the evil Gargamel. He builds a hell machine
destroy the climate of the village. Will Strumfovi manage to stop
His plans? You will discover it during this impressive exhibition and
interactive, where you can see mapping, holographic projections, and increased reality
hang out with real climbing and a slide. Without revealing the story,
The finale is a staggering ride in the virtual reality.

Smurf Experiment - Gargamel - Porte de Versailles - Paris 15 (c) Cecoforma

A story with the climate theme, shape
a metaphor about the issues that worry us today. Little elves
The blues lives in the forest in symbiosis with nature. Sharing with them
The United Nations chose this event to raise awareness
Visitors to the problems that endanger people. Through the whole
during the presentation, through a small game, they meet each other
17 goals of the UN Plan signed by all member states: approach
drinking water for everyone, reducing inequality, responsible drinking, …
Invitation to think while you are having fun!

Experience of stump - Porte de Versailles - Paris 15 (c) Cecoform

The exhibition comes directly from Brussels, where it was first presented last year. It was created in the 60'sTh born in 1958 from the imagination of the Belgian illustrator Pei. Evil little blue elves are known around the world, where over 50 million albums have been sold in 90 countries. The last one just came out, Smurfs and a dream machine (Le Lombard), written by Peio's son, Thierri Culliford.

this Smurf Experiment It's a sweet time to live with your family for the youngest and for those who have kept the soul of their child. Go to Paris Ekpo Porte de Versailles, until October 20, 2019 (3 ​​years old).

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