Sunday , July 25 2021

Golden Tanit for "Fatvu" Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud and brothers Dardenne

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For his film "Fatva", co-producers of Dardenne's brothers, director Mahmoud Ben Mahmud won the Golden Tannit on Cartage movies, which ended on Saturday night, reported the Belga news agency in Tunisia. He also packs the price of the best male performance. The 29th annual Carthage Film Dais Festival (CGC) was held from 3 to 10 November in the heart of Tunisia's capital. At a closing ceremony held in Tunis on Saturday night, Tunisian filmmaker Mahmoud Ben Mahmud received Golden Tanit for his film "Fatva" by Dardenne brothers.

Golden Tanit is the most prestigious Grand Prix of the CGC. It has the name of the lunar goddess of ancient Carthage and adopts the shape of its symbol, the triangle is upgraded by a horizontal line and a circle.

The film "Fatva" is double-awarded in the category of feature films, because one of his actors, Ahmed Hafiane, won the best male performance award. He played the leading role of Brahim Nadhur, a Tunisian living in France, who returns to Tunisia to bury his son who died in a motorcycle accident. Finding that Marwan was working in a radical Islamist group, Brahim decided to conduct his investigation to understand the reasons for his radicalization and to identify the people who indoctrinated him.

During the week of the competition, the film "Fatva" mobilized the viewers in Tunisian theaters, who were well placed before the opening of the sessions.

Presented as the world premiere at the Ghent Festival in October, "Fatva" was just double crowned at the JCC in Tunisia.

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