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How to Avoid Delaying?

Are you still trying to delay what you have to do today? Or to continually dismiss the task and say "I will do it tomorrow"? Here are some techniques to discipline and stop these bad habits.

1 – Think positive

When you get up, train yourself to say something positive. For example: "Today's the weather is nice!" And this even if it is not … You must approach this day with a positive state of mind. You can tell yourself: "Today I will tear everything." Think positive in the morning, that's all day! Do not hesitate to say it out loud! Do not hesitate to start with a simple ritual such as putting Rocka Film Music, an eye of the tiger to motivate you! Nothing will stop you.

2 – Start with the hardest task

Of course, you can start by quickly lifting e-mail that will take you less than two minutes or even very fast action. But if you want to break with delays, the first good reflex is to put it first The task that hates you the most. This is the one you are constantly returning to. By doing this, you are compelled to do so, because we do not postpone the first task that we need to consider. She is the first of your sheets … Enjoy the moment you're still "fresh" to get it. You will see it right after that, your other tasks may be liked and you will feel a sense of satisfaction and well-being throughout the day.

3 – Recognize after this first task

The first task is very hard to do and you dare to start? Give yourself a reward that will motivate you to start. It can be anything but pleasure, such as a break of 15 minutes, 45 minutes to watch the episode of your favorite series if the task is particularly long, any treatment or even engage in the activity that fascinates you. It's up to you to find a reward that tells you.

4 – If you have trouble starting.

Sometimes your task is so disgusting that you do not even do it when it's first. In this case, share your task with mini actions. So, if you need to write, for example, an email that you do not want to write. You say that the first task is to turn on the computer, the other to open your mail, the third to write the subject of the e-mail, the fourth to write "Hello", the fifth one to write the first part of the text … although you may need a little longer to execute it , at least you go ahead!

5 – Do you say that you have to do the task after the task

Do not let your mind wander about all the tasks to be done. Concentrate on one task. You need to do this, not the other! You do it and you'll see it after that. There is no doubt that you will have time to think about the rest. You are focused and remove all that can disturb you. Turn off your phone if necessary. Nothing should stop you from doing the task.

6 – Establish a reasonable list of obligations

To avoid delays, nothing better than having make a list which is neither too busy nor sufficient. For this to overestimate each task by 30%. This will allow you to manage the unexpected or take a few minutes to rest or reverse the next task and progress. You will have a feeling of faster progress in the day and it will give you wings. Remove until you measure everything you make, the more it cleans, the more you want to finish it quickly to enjoy the evening.

7 – Write down all the tasks that you have completed

Keep the tasks you want to do on a piece of paper or in a notebook that you can call "Achievement". At the end of your day, take a few minutes to look at it and congratulate yourself. Did you get all this? Congratulations! Now you have the right to take a deserved break so you can start again the next day.

8 – Review your progress

From time to time, with the pace you set, you can take into account all your progress with the tasks that you have performed on different days. Gather together, you will see that you have done a huge job, which will make you do it later.

9 – Talk to someone

Before you go on a difficult task, nothing prevents you from telling someone: I'll do X right now. I'll be back in X minutes. You will be able to talk to a person after completing the task and tell him "how much" you did not want to invest, but yes.

10 – Enjoy yourself a pleasant ambience

In the late afternoon, make sure the entire office is neat and your work environment is as pleasant as possible. When you arrive, you will not have the slightest excuse as an inadequate cup to postpone the morning task, the one you do not want to do. When this is over, you can enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

11 – Remove everything that can disturb you

This tip goes with previous tips as you want to stay focused on your task. So do not hesitate to turn off the phone, close the mailbox or the door of your office so that you do not mind anything.

Over time, this way of working will become a habit and you will see that it is stalling it's no longer part of your vocabulary.

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