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In Paradise Elie Semoun


MEETING – Humorist is an authentic lover of the garden. Especially his, who just designed and dedicated the book. Bravo artist!

Elie Semoun likes to put his hands on the ground and declares it to anyone who wants to hear him. Or before reading. Humorist has just announced Forbidden lawn, Ulmer's publications, a way for the audience to share their passion for the garden. "However, in my family – the Jews from Morocco and Algeria – there was no tradition of plants and animals. I think my taste for nature came from aquarium and fish, a bubble in which I ran away to my mother's death for a year in my eleven years. in my garden, create a new "image," I find the pleasure of the imaginary worlds of my childhood, but now they become real. "

"I spend time in my garden, energy, money. I'm also worried about writing my shows"

Elie Semoun

His small paradise of heaven, he says, is in constant evolution. He plants, tears, alternately confuse each plot of land, consecutive touch as an impressionist … Making a garden in his image, both smoky and structured. Moreover, he just pulled out the magnolia that merged the house to design a new composition on a deserted settlement, brothers of azaleas, holly without pits, a panther plant (Farfugium japonicum) of which some are decorative leaves. "Every time, I tell myself that I do not have room for change, but I always find it."

This morning in November, this organized jumble blaze in autumn tones. In front of the lake that spreads the lawn, the golden yellow ginkgo seems to grab the sun, while the bloody red maple shoots in the shade. When asked if he needed a landscape to support him, he was offended: "I amcontrol freak. I hate to let others do it for me, except my friend Dominique Dumont. He's my manager twenty-five years, this garden belongs to him as much as I do. But, as a rule, I do everything myself. " Drawing inspiration from his huge library filled with books on the garden.

Souvenir tour

A small waterfall surrounded by laces is clad with moss and water lilies.

A small waterfall surrounded by laces is clad with moss and water lilies. Jean-Christophe Marmara / JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

"I cut three trees from when I was there, two magnolia and plums. I had to make room for the ideas I had." In particular, he freed himself from the garden of the seventies of the previous owners, who hated him. Stone pebbles and crossings of SNCF have replaced cement to emphasize massifs, draw roads and stairs.

Behind almost every plant, every tree, there is a recollection of the tour – often comes in a car full of plants – or a present friend. It fell 12 tons before the fine creamy stones of the Abbey of Senate (Vaucluse) during a visit to the monk, who asked for his help. Now they are a dry stone wall in the sunniest area. Here he set up an insect hotel and two hives. "In nature, there is only one species that I hate in nature, it's an Asian hornet, it has provoked rage in my hives."

By contrast, the first pond considered to be too small has become God, a choice for carnivorous plants. The actor even set a shelter on the edge of the water, the greenhouse returned from Bali, the luxury cabin for a child that is always small, where he writes while listening to jazz on a small radio.

"I understand more and more that plants are happy, unhappy, that I can suffer. So I watch them, I listen and try to understand what they are telling me."

Elie Semoun

How to describe the empire of Elie Semoun? At first glance, a happy mess, impregnated with the Bohemian spirit, inherited from the owner's mountain apartment, as evidenced by the advertising posters arranged here and there, the Buddha playing elbows with a little rusty loop. Metal chairs and benches from the 1930s were bought by his friend Franco Levant with whom he shared the stage in the room the ClosetYou are comfortable with chaise lounges, surrounded by moss and water lilies. "It was discovered two years ago, Olive tree found at the kindergarten during Valencia's visit came five years ago, and it looks like it's 450 years old, its years. I like things to look forever."

Chairs and benches in the forged from the thirties of the last century.

Chairs and benches in the forged from the thirties of the last century. Jean-Christophe Marmara / JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

From all this comes the infinite charm, but in reality, there is no room for the case, everything is carefully thought out, chosen, created. "I spend time in my garden, energy, money. I'm also worried about writing my shows"insists on being a perfectionist.

It's ecstatic here in front of trees with slightly thicker and shiny leaves: "I'm proud of that, it's the camp camp tree"he looks forward to the collapse of the leaves that immediately shake. And as soon as you feel sorry for the wooden pepper (Dicksonia antartica) which vegetates. "I love the ferns and euphorbias. I must have made a mistake by putting it there." "I understand more and more that the plants are happy, unhappy, that I can suffer." So I watch, listen and try to understand what they are telling me. "

Elie assures him, crazy for the garden, he likes to find him like a person, a friend. "I cure him and he returns me with his beauty. I do not like the word to be held. I am trying to give him my freedom, he has many faces and I like him."

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