Tuesday , May 30 2023

In the morning, Attijarivafa opens the new Espace Libre-Service


Continuing the development of its assortment of a remote banking service, Attijarivafa Bank opened the Free Service (LSB) on Wednesday in its branch office of Fes Al Houria Bank, the fourth of its kind in Fez.

According to the head of the Fez-Centre Attijarivafa Bank Group, Taoufik Rami, LSB facilities are very safe spaces with flexible and widespread working hours, from 7 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. They are equipped with automated machines for accounts that provide broad services to customers, including cash deposit and checks, as well as foreign currency transactions. "The monitor has been mobilized and made available to the bank's clients during the working hours of the agency to help them get acquainted with the new services offered by the bank," he said. The same source recalls that the LSB service has been deployed from September 2017 in Fez, which now has 4 such spaces, but to encourage customers and non-customers to use these new services, the bank organized this event at the Fes Al Houria agency, , to strengthen ties with their clients, inform them and present all the features offered in this area. Attijarivafa Bank has so far had a network of 50 LSB spaces spreading over 20 cities across the country.

The Bank plans to open 100 LSB sites by the end of 2018 and expand this network to 300 sites by 2020, with the aim of consolidating its position as an innovative financial institution that has achieved the challenge of modernity and transformation. in a large scale in Morocco, "he said. He also reminded of the recent opening in Dar, Dar Al Moukavil, which offers broad customer satisfaction, training and financing services for encouraging a very small and average company. Other Bank Managers emphasized the utility security services that offer LSB spaces and encourage the use, without fear, of new electronic media that prove very practical.

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