Thursday , September 29 2022

Masons returned


In principle, there was a mass vaccination campaign from the first warnings, together with the health surveillance situation that should be managed by several medical teams, whose specific mission was the vaccination of the population whose age ranges from 6 months to 40 years. The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform has just issued a statement informing the public that "in some vilias there are sporadic cases of smallpox and that all measures to overcome the occurrence of these cases are undertaken in accordance with the arrangements in force in the national control plan, in the case of smallpox, by direct notification of each case, and then to his medical care, including, according to the Ministry of Health, "the hospitalization of complex cases and the outbreak of an epidemiological investigation tion, then serological confirmation organizing vaccination campaign which is aimed at the accompaniment of patients regardless of their vaccination status. "
The ministry's remark reminds that "small welders, although benign, still have a high risk with serious complications, which can lead to death, when they affect infants who are not yet vaccinated, not vaccinated children and immunocompromised children" that is, patients affected by the infection have no immune a system to effectively fight the microbes. Recalling that vaccination is the best protection against smallpox, which is considered the most vulnerable to childhood illness, the above-mentioned institution recommends to citizens the need for vaccination of children from smallpox in accordance with the national immunization plan.
Stomach is a deadly disease in the event that the infection can not be predicted immediately so that the patient can quickly be trained by experts. The danger can no longer be established for babies to adolescence. During the last outbreak of the Boginus epidemic that occurred in Vilaia El Baiad, around mid-August 2018, twenty people were hospitalized, including one death, a provisional estimate was established by the Ministry of Health in early September 2018, declaring that the epidemic spread to 13 vilaias and that the total number of reported cases is more than 2,317 of which 1,047 in El Oued and 797 in Ouargla.
The gaps in the organization of the National Immunization Plan seem to continue, because of a cold chain that would be a drawback. The epidemic of Goddesses could be eradicated if the authorities imposed the population as a preventive measure by compulsory vaccination of all children, in the same way to access the school.

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