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Point S Morocco: Turnover of 180 million DH to 2021


Point S Morocco: Turnover of 180 million DH to 2021

The car market is a source of growth

Point S sets the tape very high. In partnership with Dunlop and Sofac, Imperial Invest intends to "break the world record for the fastest wheel changes in the world".

Imperial Invest, Point S Morocco, has presented its new strategic plan. As Director General Karim Daifliame says, "This is a three year plan that aims to mobilize our internal talents and resources to accelerate business growth already in 2019." In this way, the brand wants to become the leader in maintaining multibrand automotive industry in a promising market. "The car market is the source of growth, 30% is the net margin achieved by some operators on the market", he says.

More specifically, the new strategic plan, called "Essor," revolves around four main axes to further strengthen the Point S brand and accelerate its growth.

According to the initiators, the first axis should aim at a better service. The second axis focuses on economic efficiency. The third goal is to develop a rich and diverse range of services, while the fourth is dedicated to creating a strong brand that recognizes consumers. "Essorov's strategic plan is an organic and profitable growth plan", Mr. Daifliam believes.

Better yet, Point S sets the bar very high. In partnership with Dunlop and Sofac, a subsidiary of Imperial Invest, according to the initiators, "Win the world record for the fastest spot changes in the world". The report was held on September 12, 2015 by the German Automobile Maintenance Center Reifen Umert Gmbh & Co with a time of 58.43 seconds. That's why Point Morocco wants to highlight the expertise and experience of its tire manufacturers through this challenge.

On the brand's prospects, Point S's management set the goal by 2021 to reach 50 outlets, currently at 15 centers; a turnover of 180 million DH and reached 20% of the operating margin.

"In order to achieve this, the company has been implementing its new strategy for accelerating the development of the Point S network in Morocco for several months" determines the same source.

In that sense, the new team chose two options since last June, Mr. Daifliame, who has 20 years of experience in several areas, including real estate and automotive. This involves linking with partners operating in the supermarket sector or developing flexible sign concepts.

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