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[Promo] The new Samsung against the old mobile, tempted?

Picture 1: [Promo] The new Samsung against the old mobile, tempted?

By May 26, 2019, a mobile operator Bouigues Telecom puts dishes in large with the operation " Great Samsung occasions ".

In order to take advantage of this offer, exceptional in many ways, three steps are sufficient. First, you need to buy a new Samsung smartphone bouigues and subscribe or renew the Sensation package (with a 24-month commitment).

The second step, then you can resell the old phone at the operator's recovery point and enjoy a recovery bonus.

Then you'll have to send only free (pre-paid envelopes) documents and your old cell phone.

In addition to buying at a very affordable price of an old phone, you can benefit from it € 100 bonus on the following smartphones:

… and a 70 € bonus for recovery on the:

For example, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S10 for only 149.90 € plus 8 € per month for 24 months. This price takes into account a recovery bonus of € 100, but does not include an additional discount that relates to the purchase of your old mobile phone by Bouigues Telecom, which varies depending on the model.

And if you want to know how much your old mobile is worth. Go to the Bouigues website where a online calculator allows you to estimate the cost of recovery that will be suggested to you.

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