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Review the web. The Metaphor of El Otmania is made up of a Web of laughter


as per aklikim ziiad 13/11/2018 at 19h07

El Otmani

Saad Eddin El Otmani, Chief of Government.

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Kioskue360. Metafori El Otmania talk, Stan Lee is no longer, World Day of Courtney, Rene Girard fired Vidad. Okrugli.

The arguments of Saad-Eddine El Ottmani for the maintenance of GMT + 1 were mocked in two videos that became viral on Facebook.

Stan Lee's gone

The creator of Spider Man, X-Men and Avengers died on Monday, at the age of 92. Marvel fans give him fame on social networks.

World day of courtesy

In the meantime, today was also a day of courtesy

Rene Girard fired Vidad

Football: Rene Girard fired Vidad because of insufficient results.

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