Monday , February 6 2023

Southern provinces: new Eldorado investor?


Kioskue360. The interest of the operator for the southern provinces is well established. The amount of investment will exceed 80 billion dirhams.

In the case of the Moroccan Sahara, strikes are starting to move. This is what can be read in the November 5 issue of the magazine Economist, which was launched by the Morocco-French business forum, recently held in Laaioune.

The interest of the operator for the southern provinces is well established. Earlier, some initiatives are scattered. Today, this type of meeting promotes a greater interest in the opportunities provided by these regions. Thus, the arrival of French investors will open doors to other European companies. The range of interest for foreign operators is broad. From agriculture to new energy and tourism.

In addition, the forum coincides with the implementation of major structuring projects in line with the new development model in order to encourage attracting investment in the southern provinces.

With 71 billion dinars of planned investments, the amount should exceed 80 billion dirhams. In addition, foreign investors look less cautious. Especially because these regions are beginning to follow the logic of the development of growth poles, as well as other areas of Morocco.

Outside issues related to certain issues, such as fisheries and agriculture agreements with the European Union, it seems that the situation in the field is attracted by operators who want to take advantage of opportunities that these regions offer with high growth potential. . On the political front, a new pace is given in the latest Security Council resolution.

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