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Stock Market: What's on the market before the opening on Monday


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The New York Stock Exchange is set to open on Monday at the brink of high risk week between US mid-term elections on Tuesday and Fed meeting Thursday, all along with Chinese trade tensions. USA.

Friday, Vall Street finished the session in red.

Dov Jones Industrial Average, the leading parquet index in New York, is expected to be 0.23% to 25,265 points ahead of the future. Nasdak, with a strong technological color, before opening the market, amounts to 0.19 %%, to 6993 points. In the meantime, the S & P500 should grow 0.11% to 2727.25 points.


"Indices should open without a real trend this Monday (Monday), the day of mid-term elections in the United States, and three days of Federal Reserve (Fed) meetings," the note says. experts from Mirabaud Securities Geneva.

"The main risk this week is the midterm American elections (Tuesday) when Democrats are expected to demolish the House of Representatives," London analyst Jasper Lavler said. Capital Group.

"The political blockade that followed could have an impact on US indices and the dollar," he added, adding that "until investors expect to liquidate their positions and reduce their exposure to risk" by Tuesday.

In the meantime, the market continued to take care of the development of US-US cinema relations, after the contradictory news of a possible direct deal between Washington and Beijing caused fluctuations in US stock markets on Friday.

China is holding its first "International Exhibition for Imports" this week in its economic capital, a protest experienced in response to the US-led trade war that began in July with US President Donald Trump dissatisfied with colossal deficits accumulated by his country.

In this context, "investors will be careful of all comments related to trade relations between Washington and Beijing," Mirabaud Securities Geneva experts continued.


The Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed on Monday, losing more than 2% after a jump last week, as investors continue to consider the economic war between the United States and China.

In all of China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the composite index lost 0.41%, and remained at Shenzhen Stock Exchange almost stable.

On the agenda

In terms of indicators, service activity fell in China in October, falling to its lowest level for more than a year, according to an independent index released by the Caikin media group on Monday.

In the United States, an index of activity in services is expected for October.

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