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Uber will forbid users with a poor rating

Uber makes it possible to record drivers, but drivers also notice you. So far, only drivers have been able to be punished by their score as soon as it has fallen below 4.6 / 5. Now, in some countries, especially in the United States and Canada, service users will also receive a warning message when their rating approaches a certain limit, with the possibility of being banned and can no longer order a race.

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Do you regularly use Uber? Attention, because a note that will give drivers will soon potentially cause your exclusion from the service. So far the passenger rating was not particularly pronounced in the application and generally had no other consequences than to provide useful information to the following drivers. Note given by travelers to the driver can have very concrete consequences, as soon as the average passes below a certain limit (4.6 / 5): the driver can temporarily be excluded from the service, or definitely depending on the case.

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Uber: Treat your behavior as a user, with the risk of being excluded from the service

The system is therefore useful for maintaining a healthy environment for travelers … but the opposite is not necessarily always true. However, sometimes there are non-compliance with drivers – without having any concrete consequences for the user. Uber announces on the blog that this system will change, so that all parties respect the same label. "Uber's passengers and partners will now see a summary of community rules on the entire screen and they will be asked to confirm that they understand them, otherwise their access to Uber can be withdrawn"explains the company.

And Uber add: " passengers will probably lose access to Uber if they develop a message well below the average. When it comes dangerously close to a certain limit, "Passengers will get tips to improve their ratings, such as encouraging them to be kind, avoid leaving their trash in the vehicle and avoiding drivers asking for speed limits to exceed". This new policy will initially be troubling only races in the US and Canada. And Uber specifies it "Travelers will have several options to improve their average before losing access to Uber applications".

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Pay attention to the use of the plural: if the average is calculated a priori only when you take a VTC vehicle, the loss of access will probably affect all Uber applications. What a thought on that "The buyer is always king". What do you think of this policy change? Share your opinion in comments.

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