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Unconsciousness is not trivial for a mother or a baby

Should a syncope be considered in pregnant women, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, as a disease caused by pregnancy?

While unconscious is still a common but harmless symptom of pregnancy, a new study by Canadian researchers Journal of the American Heart Association On the contrary, it shows that they can be a sign of health problems for the mother and child, especially when they occur during the first quarter.

Greater risk of prematurity

In order to arrive at this conclusion, researchers from the University of Alberta and Calgary reviewed the data on the birth of 481,930 babies born in Alberta between 2005 and 2014, as well as maternal data about one year after delivery, to determine if there is frequency, weather and results of faint episodes. 1% of pregnant women fainted at least once, and approximately one third in the first three months of pregnancy.

Among these pregnancies that experienced syncope in the first trimester, the research team noticed a number of birth problems, including a higher rate of premature birth, increased heart problems, and low birth weight in newborns, especially when their mothers had fainted more than once.

It is better to manage discomfort during pregnancy

Vagal discomfort, also known as fainting or unconsciousness, is a transient loss of consciousness, which in most cases does not have gravity, due to a sudden and temporary drop in blood circulation in the brain.

Included: vagus nerve, long nerve bundle flowing from the stomach to the brain, through the heart. It is an essential link in the parasympathetic system, responsible for resting the body in the absence of danger or continuous activity. Bitter, heat, stress, or dehydration are all factors identified as responsible for syncope, which is more common in pregnant women due to a pregnancy hormone. This can increase the number of heartbeats and blood flow, while the blood vessels relax, which can lead to dizziness and fainting.

However, if discomfort occurs more frequently during pregnancy, their significance should not be minimized. Padma Kaul, an epidemiologist at the University of Alberta and the lead author of the study, advises pregnant women who get fainted to talk to their doctor. It is also recommended to add syncope to the list of conditions caused by pregnancy, which can be considered signs of a woman's health warning.

"Pregnancy is a natural stress test for the female body, and unconsciousness during pregnancy can identify women with a higher risk of cardiovascular complications," she says.

However, says Padma Kaul, while the study shows the correlation between fainting and maternal and maternal health problems, it can not identify the already existing causes or conditions that could be responsible. "This is the problem of hens and the association of eggs (between health problems and syncope, ed) must be the subject of further research," says the researcher.

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