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A brief overview of the most important information about the Moderna vaccine NOW

Vaccine Modern is the second vaccine approved for use within the European Union. This vaccine protects you against COVID-19. You should know this further.

How much does this vaccine protect me from COVID-19?

The modern vaccine is 94 percent effective. This means that only six out of a hundred people who would normally get COVID-19 will get sick after vaccination.

The vaccine can protect the elderly and those at risk of serious COVID-19, such as people with diabetes.

How long does the vaccine work?

According to the Drug Evaluation Committee (MEB), the vaccine works well for at least two to three months. The vaccine is expected to continue to work for a long time after that. We simply cannot say that with complete certainty, because there are still no large groups of people who received this vaccine more than three months ago.

From what moment does this vaccine work?

The effectiveness of the Moderna vaccine is not 94 percent immediately after one injection. The vaccine consists of two doses given 28 days apart. The above-mentioned efficacy is applied from the seventh day after the second dose.

This does not mean that you will not benefit from this vaccine until one week after the second dose. After the first dose, your body will begin to produce antibodies that can immediately neutralize the coronavirus (if you want to catch it). This will take some time, but the vaccine is expected to partially protect you from COVID-19 approximately two weeks after the first vaccination. Protection then improves after the second dose.

Can you continue to spread the corona virus after vaccination?

We know how effective this coronary vaccine is in preventing the disease, but we still don’t know to what extent this vaccine can prevent someone from spreading the coronavirus. According to Frits Rosendaal, a professor of clinical epidemiology at LUMC, it is almost certain that approved coronary vaccines reduce the chance of spreading the corona virus.

What are the main side effects?

The table below shows how often side effects, such as headaches, occurred after vaccination. These side effects usually occur within two days of vaccination. Vaccinated people usually suffer for one to three days. There is no evidence that this vaccine causes serious side effects.

What about rare side effects?

The modern vaccine was tested on more than 15,000 people before it was approved. That is why we know the frequent and a little less frequent side effects of this vaccine. According to the MEB, the chance of unknown side effects is small, but not zero. Therefore, this vaccine is also being further investigated after approval.

When this vaccine is not suitable?

Moderna vaccine is approved for use in people over 18 years of age. The reason why this vaccine has not been approved for children is that this vaccine has not yet been studied in children. In addition, the vaccine is not recommended for people who are allergic to any component of the vaccine. Ingredients can be found here. If you are not sure if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can check with your pharmacist or doctor.

RIVM advises pregnant women to be vaccinated only after pregnancy. The effect of this vaccine on pregnancy has been little studied. Animal studies have so far found no indication that the vaccine is not safe for pregnant women.

The following groups do not discourage the vaccine, but it is recommended to consult a doctor before vaccination:

  • People who take blood thinners.
  • People who have a bad immune system due to illness or certain medications.
  • People who have had a severe allergic reaction after vaccination in the past.

There are several reasons why it is recommended to consult a doctor in advance with the above groups. For example, people taking blood thinners may need to consult a thrombosis service when they are vaccinated.

How does this vaccine work?

The modern vaccine is the so-called mRNA vaccine. This means that it contains parts of genetic information (mRNA). This genetic information ensures that a small part of the corona virus is created in the body. You can’t get COVID-19 from this piece, but it trains your immune system. This training ensures that the corona virus can break down quickly if you come in contact with it.

After the formation of parts of the coronavirus, the body quickly breaks down the vaccine. Contrary to various posts on Facebook and Twitter, these vaccines are not able to change your DNA.

What if the coronavirus changes?

The coronavirus is constantly changing. Most of these changes do not affect the effectiveness of coronary vaccines, such as Moderna. But it is possible that the vaccine against some (future) variants of the coronavirus is somewhat less effective.

For that reason, it is currently being investigated whether the Moderna vaccine is equally effective in the British and South African variants. There are no indications yet that the vaccine works less well with these variants.

If you are invited to make an appointment for a vaccination and have medical questions, for example because you have an immune disorder or a serious allergy, ask your doctor.

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