Sunday , April 2 2023

Blocks campaign against Sinterklaas news on Mediapark


The blockade of opponent Zvarte Piet at Mediapark station in Hilversum is over. The activists held unannounced demonstrations against the news Sinterklaas, which began again Monday night. They block a promenade in Mediapark and protest against NTR, a newspaper producer Sinterklaas.


Blockers had a banner with 'NTR not exceeding the bridge'. Demonstrators argued it took too long before the NTR changed the color of Zvarte Piet in the Sinterklaas news. Although NTR, like the previous years, did not want to say anything about the story about the program, it is already known that the synthesis is helped by harmful pests.

Badges vary according to NTR color. "The more often they go through the chimney, they become blacker," the former spokesman said. The adaptations that follow the discussion about the appearance of Black Pete, according to the broadcaster, are gradually less black.


In early March, no municipality has yet registered for the national entrance, to which the NTR has sent a call. Then the broadcaster was "overwhelmed with applications". The holy saint and his followers arrive Saturday afternoon at noon in the Zaanstad municipality.

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