Thursday , August 5 2021

Edwin Evers does not want to impose his own music on former colleagues NOW

Although Edwin Evers has a huge network in the world of radio, the former radio DJ is not planning his album time to get involved with his former colleagues. If they did it just to give him a hand, Evers would rather not let go of the record at all, he says on Wednesday in AD.

“Play it on the radio if you like it, but not to help my former colleague Edwin. It doesn’t benefit me,” the 49-year-old Evers said.

“I also hope that this is not a reason not to let her go, because they are afraid that the listeners will think that it is a friend’s favor. Listen without prejudice, then I will be satisfied.”

He ever knows better than anyone how difficult it is to get music on the radio: a maximum of two or three songs a week are added to the playlist. “If you’re not lucky enough to post something at the same time as Snelle, BLØF or Suzan & Freek, then you’re a loser.”

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