Monday , March 27 2023

End of Sunday on Sunday at the Gronings shopping center


The Sunday shopping dispute in the Paddepoel shopping center in Groningen is over. Property owners and owners' associations have been open for years, but they have made new contracts.

The conflict continues from 2014. VVE wanted all merchants in the shopping center to participate in a monthly purchase on Sunday. This would create clarity for the consumer. Some sellers did not mind opening on Sunday because it would not be profitable. They kept the doors closed and received fines from the vampire.

For some entrepreneurs, fines were tens of thousands of euros. For example, a bicycle shop, seized by a seal in March, had an exceptional fine of 60,000 euros. Sellers went to court with varying degrees of success to get out of fines.

Penalties from the table

Municipal politics in Groningen also intervened in the conflict. The City Council said that the desired expansion of the shopping center would not come as long as the conflict still plays. Sellers returned to the table with a vest.

Now there is an agreement that traders no longer have to be open in a monthly purchase on Sunday, but that they can choose the Sunday on their own. All penalties for vendors are also on the table. "We leave it only to retail outlets when they open, as it happens in Groningen," says board member Dick Maans of the vow against RTV Noord.

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