Tuesday , May 30 2023

Facebook removes 1.5 billion false accounts in half a year


That's what the Social Platform published today in a report describing how it maintains its policy. This is the second time this year Facebook gives openness to these numbers. He already did it in May.

Ordinary images

The company retains a series of statistical data, from intercepted messages in which the violence glorifies how many false accounts have been removed. For example, Facebook has intervened between 65.6 million Facebook posts containing bare images between March and the end of October, and 9 million sites with sexual exploitation or naked children's images.

In addition, Facebook has taken action with 2 million maltreated messages, removing 2.1 billion spam messages and 12 million posts with terrorist content.

Again under fire

The weather is not wrong, because Facebook has been attacked again. This time, according to reports in the New York Times, she hired a conservative PR agency that blames criticism and criticism of the social network as harmless.

A message from the The New York Times describes how people at the top of the company tried to avoid bad news. But it also shows how the PR agency tried to encourage journalists to investigate Google and Apple competitors' performance in order to draw attention to the problems on Facebook.

This would happen when the company came to the news about the election two years ago because of the spread of false news and suspicion of mixing Russia via Facebook.


After publishing statistics, Mark Zuckberg, general manager, posted a blog post in which he described in detail what he thinks are the most important challenges for Facebook and how the company wants to fight.

He mentions, among other things, provocative and sensational messages the greatest challenge for social networks, including Facebook. According to him, this can lead to the quality of Facebook's suffering services.

He also wants his company to focus on clicking and fake news. Facebook users would complain that these two things make the social network less pleasant.

Artificial intelligence

In order to limit the negative impact, artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role, says Zuckerberg in an explanation of the fight against misinformation. Not to replace people who now need to review content, but to ease their work. For example, artificial intelligence must check messages to a large extent if they contain simple violations of the terms of use.

More complicated cases continue to be provided by content moderators who make a final judgment on this. That means, Zuckerberg says, because even the most expensive systems can not do this on their own.

The founder of Facebook also announced an independent appellate body for users who disagree with the decision of the evaluator when they feel that the message should be downloaded offline.

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