Tuesday , May 30 2023

Police want to use weapons from electric shock


Chief of Police in Rotterdam, Frank Paau, said on Thursday that he would like to see all the units in the Netherlands equipped with power supplies. More than seventeen thousand agents will have to be trained at the beginning of the decision for the next five years if they can use the weapons.

The next year, the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Justice and Security will decide whether the overvoltage will become part of the basic equipment of the agents. According to Pau, the weapon was a good addition. "With relatively small violence and barely a chance of permanent injuries, you can prevent the uprising in violent situations of violence."

It's often a threat

Pauwe also believes that the decision to prohibit the use of electric shock in mental health institutions must be reviewed. "Although I really think the police should not be here, it's very strange that you can use a pistol or use a dog in a mental health institution. However, electric shock can not be used while the risk of injuries is much lower."

Last year, the weapons were tested by four units. The police in Amersfoort and Zwolle, the Rotterdam dog control team and the support group in the north of the Netherlands, worked for a year as a weapon test. In total, weapons were used 343 times. In 62 percent of cases, the only threat to the weapon was enough.

Risks to health

Not everyone is enthusiastic about using weapons. According to Amnesty International, the use of weapons implies "unacceptable health risks". According to the organization, weapons are used in situations that do not justify it.

Pauwe contradicts the fact that during each use of the weapon was used during the test, it did not cause serious injuries at all. In spite of this, additional research will be conducted into possible health risks and dangers of weapons.

Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus has introduced you to find out about the use of weapons by electric agents by agents. For the time being, the results of research and the effects of weapons on health will be examined for the first time.

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