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Stan Lee, Father Spider-Man, X-men and Hulk, have made superheroes human and relevant


Modern "fairy tales for adults," Stan Lee called the superhero tape he wrote. A world with flying people and magical powers.

He invented popular superheroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ks-Men, Iron Man, Avengers, The Fantastic Four and the horrible green Hulk. They're still popular.

Their spiritual father died on Monday at the age of 95 in a Hollywood hospital confirmed his daughter on the US website TMZ.

Lee revolutionized the superhero world of the sixties. And this revolution turned from comic books to Hollywood in the 1990s and still offers movies in the cinema; Superhero films deliver billions of dollars worldwide.

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Until his age, Li remained playful, creative and modest, sober for his over seventy years of extraordinary career. "I wrote stories and hoped the public would buy and love them, and then I could pay the rent," he told The Huffington Post 2016 on his work.

Stan Read the impact on a popular culture similar to that of Walt Disney, which mostly skips existing fairy tales. Stan Li is Disney's action hero.

The Marvel comic book publisher, who helped to develop into a multimedia company, has now purchased Disney.

Stan Čeni's genius was in his talent to give superheroes a socially relevant aspect, to make him a man, yet surprised by exciting and humorous action stories. While Lee did not begin to get involved, most superheroes (Superman, Batman) were mostly athletic successful white adult men who masked or trampled the world with or without a locker.

There was a good pattern

Lee wanted something else. One of his first "other" superheroes was Spider-Man, created in 1962 by artist Steve Ditke. Spidey was not an adult athlete, but an orphan of 18 years old, a young adult who could not find her life in her life. His only super-force was that he could hold walls and swing from building to building in a spider, after being biteed by a radioactive spider. His publisher at Timeli Comics, Marvel's predecessor, did not initially see anything in Spinnenman, but in his autobiography Excelsior! (2002) Lee says he convinced his boss with a fictitious story that he had already received inspiration for Spider-Man looking at the fly that ran across the wall of his office. The fact that his boss gave Leeu the opportunity to develop the Spider-Man was determined. Lee actually wanted to leave the publishing house, as he was employed by a comic book publisher since the late 1930s, where he started as a bottle-charger. He was always tired of inventing stories in a fixed form.

"If the Westerners were popular, I wrote Western scripts. If the mysterious comics were accordingly [mijn uitgever] To sell Martin, I wrote it. "He was basically a writer who issued an order," a hack, "he wrote Excelsior!. What has affected him is that he can not be creative, and comics are not respected. Already in 1950, he campaigned against American educators who without any reason claimed that the comics were dangerous and encouraged young people to commit crimes.

The fact that the Spider-Man became partially came from Lees vrouv, Joan, the British. On the day his boss asked him to develop new superheroes because they were once again popular, Lee actually wants to resign. His wife persuaded him to remain a comic writer, but to write superhero stories in his own way. What did he lose? Lee did it. First it was Jack Kirby Fantastic Four and soon there was a "Universe of the Universe" full of superheroes.

It was turbulent in the sixties and seventies, and Lee thought it was time for a black superhero. In 1966 he developed with the illustrator Jack Kirby a few months before the Black Panther black civil rights movement founded an African Black Panther superhero. He was an eminent scholar, the prince of the underground African Empire, which was scientifically further developed from any other country. Black Panther has become a popular comic strip, also among African Americans. Black writer Ta-Nehisi Coates was a boyfriend, and since 2016, he wrote comic scenarios of Black Panther. The Black Panter-film version since 2018 has become a big hit.

Child immigrants

Lee did not consciously write political, diverse, or socially mobile comics, the magazine said Alter ego in 2011: "If we touch the questions, it's always easy." Diversity simply came naturally into their comics, he said: "Many of our people in America are not white. You have to admit it and you have to include them in everything you do."

This will play the role that Sam Lee was a child of Romanian-Jewish immigrants. Born in New York in 1922 as Stanley Martin Lieber. His father, tailor, was unemployed during the Great Depression, so there was no money for a vacation. Reading, everything that was relaxed and stuck, comics, children's books, newspapers, literature and adventure films were his main source of entertainment. This was the basis for his writing, he presumed in his autobiography. He has a younger brother, Larria Lieber, who also worked with Marvel.

In his long career, Lee was mostly a PR story man. But he was not a smart businessman. As the success of his comics grew and grew, he had to fight over the courts several times for his money. He had to make compensation over Marvel through the courts. (His assets are valued at $ 50 million). He went to sea at the beginning of the Internet era with scammer, whom he also had to litigate. And after his wife, Joan, died in 2017 at the age of 95, one man insisted he would arrange things and lock him in the house. Through the judge, lame Lee freed again in 2018, and his daughter J.C. he was more concerned about him.

Lee was very popular with his fans. He got the rolls in the TV series The Big Bang Theory and is also in almost all of your 'superhero' films had a fun, short guest, as a gift to his comedy genius.

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