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Stop using the e-cigarette? "It's not a panacea"

900 studs participated in the study. 18% of people who stopped using e-cigarettes were still stopped after a year. In smokers who used other drugs, 10% still stopped after one year.

Many people use the paper as a substitute for a cigarette if they want to stop smoking. "Others use it despite its regular cigarettes, for example because they like the taste, and you can use it in many places," says Damp's spokeswoman for Editie NL.

There is no burning of tar

According to the spokesperson, the wizard, as well as other e-cigarettes, is healthier than normal cigarettes. "There is no burning of tar, and you yourself can decide how much if you put nicotine in it."

Jackwelline Vink, professor of addiction research at Radboud University, sees the benefits of this vapor. "You do the same procedure as for normal smoking, so it takes less effort to stop and the device does not contain any tar."

A vampire addict

But Vaper is not a panacea, warns Wink. "18% stopped after a year, but 82% just smoked again." Also, according to her, it is still poor to release harmful substances in the lungs at all. "There are less harmful substances in the cheek than in cigarettes, but it also affects your chemical aroma and the smell in your body."

And, unlike, for example, chewing gum and bandages, you quickly get a large amount of nicotine in your body. "It often happens that people instead of cigarettes become addicted to such a wizard, which is of course not desirable."

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