Thursday , June 1 2023

The company behind Stint in negotiations with candidates to take over


The electric stroller manufacturer Stint is negotiating with several parties about the survival of its company. Various sources in the NOS report on this; The company's spokesman confirms this. It would be companies from the traffic sector.

Earlier it was known that the owner of the company would withdraw the application for bankruptcy. He explained to RTV Utrecht he wanted to wait for the current procedure on Stint.

The reason for this is, among other things, that Minister Van Nieuvenhuizen from the infrastructure said at a meeting on Tuesday last Tuesday, in the House of Representatives, that they think it is possible that the form of Stint can be put down again. We need to look at how this can be done carefully and safely with technical adjustments.

The Inspectorate of Human Environment and Transport (ILT) and TNO therefore provide everyone with the opportunity to put forward ideas to improve the safety of Stint. Earlier, the spokesman reported that already there are several interested parties. This is done at ILT headquarters.

Measurements in Oss

From now on, the company performs measurements at the railway crossing in Osa on behalf of ILT and the Agency for Radio Communications (AT). Today it relates to measurement measurements, the measurement starts at Brackstraat tomorrow. It is a railway crossing in which the misfortune was held on September 20. These measurements take five to six days, ILT expects.

The Childcare Department will speak to the Ministry tomorrow about the burning letters sent earlier. The Union for Child Care Association, the Boink Childcare Association and the Association for Child Care require that the improved version of Stint be accepted on the public highway as soon as possible.

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