Tuesday , March 28 2023

The Toonder Studios Archive donated to the Museum of Eye and Literature


The study of comic book artist Marten Toonder was donated to the Museum of Literature in The Hague and the Amsterdam Eye Museum. Toonder's grandfather decided to put most of the archives into a literary museum. All materials from Bommelfilm If you understand what I mean comes in handy.

The Archive contains more than 25,000 comics from Toonderseries Panda, Kappie and Koning Hollevijn and 20,000 original comics from other comic books made by Marten Toonder (1912-2005) and other artists in the studio. The donations are supplemented with sketches, separate illustrations, promotional material and correspondence from Toonder.

Tom Puss

Director Meinderts of the Museum of Literature says in the commentary: "The collection is an extraordinary addition to the personal archive of Toonder, which we already have a task. With this archive, we can say that our museum is the wealth of the art of Toonders."

In 2010, the Hague Museum, then the Literary Museum, received about 10,000 original drawings by Tom Poes, together with Olivier B. Bommel the most famous character Toonder. Original Paint Drawings Ollie B. Bommel was already in The Hague.

Film material

Eye gets with archival material If you understand what I mean (1983) more than 1000 film cells (tape with several movie images), hundreds of pencil sketches and a large number of stories.

Milou Toonder says it is important to keep researchers together with a collection of their two-week study.

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