Thursday , June 1 2023

Unilever employees get ten days of partner absence in the new CAO | | NOW


Unilever's Dutch employees will be granted leave from January 1 for the delivery of their partner. According to CNV, this is agreed in the new collective labor agreement.

"The departure goes from two to ten days and goes far beyond the new legislation," said union negotiator Jeroen Varnaar.

An absence contract also applies to special situations, such as the adoption or birth of a child in a relationship between two or two mothers.

Currently, employees pay two days of paid maternity leave by default, if the partner gave birth, regardless of whether someone works full or part time.

In the new law, the leave is extended for a week from January 2019. From that moment, absence for adoption and fostering will be extended from four to six weeks.

Five more weeks of leave

Moreover, the new law states that partners will be allowed to leave five-week absence in the first half of the year from July 2020, while retaining 70 percent of their earnings.

Unilever is a one-year collective agreement from 1 July 2018 to 1 July 2019. The collective agreement applies to approximately two thousand employees. As of October 1 this year, the pay will increase by 2.5%.

In a collective labor contract, it was agreed to add 20 more jobs to Ben & Jerri in Hellendoorn. "At least ten of them get a permanent position in Unilever," says Vernar. "We are also pleased with Unilever's promise to accept the number of people with a backlog in the labor market during the duration of the collective labor contract."

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