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University suffers from rising pain Inside


Every year, the quality of education is examined by Keuzegids. Editors rely on the results of the National Student Survey (NSE), the National Judge NVAO's judgment and the student's performance.

On UvA and EUR, 7658 and 7069 students of the first year started last year. Last year there were still 7052 and 6686. In Amsterdam, according to Keuzegedi, massive programs of the economy are suffering from "growing pains". With a student number of over 800, the room for the lecture shoots on the seams.

There are no more rows available

Business economics students Alek Sloep and Anne de Jong find it irritating that lectures often do not have a table, so they are forced to sit on the lap with their laptops. "The organization can do better. We often sit in other places with exams," says Sloep. "Once in the east, the second time to the south. So we have to take care of where exactly we have to go."

Still, not all are dissatisfied. "We are really in training with lots of people, but education does not suffer," says Ana Niculaita, a first year student, who also has a business economy. "To teach us at ArenA, Carré and the Opera House provide the necessary diversity."

"We are really training with a lot of people, but education does not suffer," said Ana Niculaita, a first year student.


According to college student Lucas Rischen, UVA is dealing with lack of space. "The university organized this so that we have lessons on a one-day basis, even if we have different topics. Lessons are right."

According to Lukas Rischen, UVA is dealing with the lack of space.

According to Lukas Rischen, UVA is dealing with the lack of space.


"What Keuzegids writes about economic programs is incredible," says UvA spokeswoman. "We always look at the results of the National Student Survey, they are an important signal for us," said the researcher. "The differences between the universities are very small," said the journalist. "The course of economics and business administration has really grown," he said. "But those studies were more than last year."

A lot of criticism about teachers

Rotterdam students are not only dissatisfied with facilities, but they also have a lot of criticism for teachers. They would not be enough above the material, or didactically they are not strong. The study with the lowest grade is the law, with the first 1000 years the largest graduate scientist. The number of first year students in this program grew by 30 percent last year.

The spokeswoman for the EUR says the university will analyze the results and methodology used in Keuzegids as quickly as possible. It also calls for NSE. "This shows that EUR students are generally satisfied with their university." In the number of students, he says: "In recent years, we have really received significantly more students, just like other universities. It takes a lot of effort to make the students' student experience consistent with the standard."

Vageningen UR

The best percentage is Vageningen UR. This university has also become considerably higher in the last few years. Still, students still do not feel like a number for a long time. They are positive about the content of the program and their teachers.

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