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2018 Ford Mustang facelift will be presented at KLIMS


Ford Mustang facelift in 2018 will soon make its Malaysian debut – Sime Darbi Auto Connekion (SDAC) announced that the refreshment of the mid-range car (MCA) car of the sixth generation of the S550 will be presented at the International Automobile Show in Kuala Lumpur next month , with a triple of three meters of Orange Furi with 5.0L GT at fast speed, the photos show the vehicle for the show, specially imported for the show.

Without mentioning when the updated pony car will officially start selling here, but we know it came in both in version 5.0L GT and 2.3L EcoBoost fastback variant, as was the case before. According to SDAC, the car booking will begin at KLIMS, although the prices are not yet indicated, they should not be removed far from those pre-facelift versions.

Released in January last year, the facelifted S550 has a number of external audits within its update – restoration of the grid, bumper and front bumper, as well as the bonnet, which now contains repositioned bonnet hoods.

The Fasetift now has a standard front-lighting with LEDs, complete with a light-set of three-bar daily work. There is also a new front LED turn signal and magnetic cluster. As for the rear, the changes include a new rear light LED backlight design, a new bumper, a new black diffuser and a revised configuration of the exhaust gases – EcoBoost gets dual tips while the GT has a fourfold look.

The interior, meanwhile, gets an improved touch point and material for superb look and feel. The center console adds a new hand curved coil with contrasting seam and knee support, while the door handles, rings and frames are now finished in aluminum.

In addition to the 8.0-inch display for the infotainment system Sinc 3, Mustang now has a 12-inch digital LCD cluster instrument, which offers customization for the Normal, Sport and Track modes, as well as the color and setting settings. There is a MiMode function, which allows the drive settings, including the suspension and control settings. The new key fob is also part of the update.

Without change in the engine line, 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 5.0-liter Coiote V8 were retained, although increased output and torque output at Coiote, improvements largely come from dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and injection fuel on a low-pressure light, which is new to the V8.

In the North American version of the car, the mill yields 460 hp and 569 Nm, a slight increase from 435 hp and 542 Nm at the pre-facelift, but the Malaysian specification car is likely to have 454 hp and 556 Nm as seen on the Australian version.

As for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, the unit has the same amount of power as before (310 hp), but the torque has gone from 434 Nm to 475 Nm. This is less on the car in Australia, at 441 Nm.

A major change comes in the form of a partner transfer. The old 6-speed SelectShift unit based on ZF has been replaced by the Ford 10R80, a 10-speed unit that can also be seen on the Ranger Raptor. The automaker says the new 10-speed gearbox offers faster shifting times, better responsiveness at low speeds and a significant reduction in friction losses.

The new "Drag Strip" mode also eliminates the loss of time when moving, and this connects Normal, Sport +, Track and Snov / Vet in the list of available driving modes.

Mechanical improvements come in the form of an upgrade to the chassis for improved driving and handling – the changes include new shock absorber amps that offer better driving control and a new overhang in the rear suspension in order to increase lateral stiffness. There is also an active exhaust valve system, standard on GT, which allows the setting of exhaust gases.

The KLIMS 2018 slider – which was still in the attached storage location when captured, so you will have to say the 5.0L GT in its Premium version, as stated by turning on a four-way, switch-over switch for the driving modes on the central console.

Shov car also owns the GT Performance package, as it has seen a number of elements, although it may not be a complete package, but the basket products are selected.

The items on the road include 19-inch Ebony Black farbane wheels as previously seen, now wrapped with the 255/40 front and 275/40 rear Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (the pre-facelift GT was originally with the Pirelli P Zeros) and Brembo jaws with six front brake pads, also visible on pre-facelift. Other features from the GT Performance package include the front air splitter and interestingly called the "Engine Spun" aluminum instrument panel.

Failures suggesting that this is not a package as a whole includes a black roof and a black roof, and a tail on this is completely devoid of wings – while this was deleted on the pre-facelift performance package, it is now included in the specification of the new group, with the rear a performance unit designed for quick return.

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