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2018 Melbourne Cup: Why Avilius wins the Flemington Racecourse


Take your favorite, risk the ultimate weight, do not take into account anything that is beaten in the race and overlook any of the internationals who have not run in Australia.

They are the four directors who kept the players in a good position when they tried to find the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

Post-Makibe Diva, only two of the 12 winners opposed any of the above basics. Fiorente (2013) surpassed two – he was last year's favorite and was favorite – while last year's winner, Recindling was the first to run in Australia.

But since Recindling became only the second cup winner who did it, after 1993, the winner of the Vintage Crop and about 100 attackers' tried this between, it might be worth keeping for at least a year.

It counts on Magic Circle, Muntaha, Cross Counter and Marmelo of this year's race, reports

The first three groups occupy the second, third and fourth betting line on the BetEasi market and you can add the name of the horse sitting above them – Iukatan – to the list of those who will be eliminated.

A general view of miniature glasses during the Melbourne Cup barrier after Derby Daia at Flemington Racecourse. Photo / Getti
A general view of miniature glasses during the Melbourne Cup barrier after Derby Daia at Flemington Racecourse. Photo / Getti

* He has won eight favorites for the last 30 years, but seven of them were until 2005.

* Fiorentas, which started 7 dollars, is the only one that has won since then, with the third (2010) and Hartnell (third, 2016) the only ones that became.

* Nine of the last 12 winners were at least 10, seven of them between $ 10 and $ 20.

* Makibe Diva won three years, but those who beat him are trying to get back to etch their name on the honor of the roll.

* Empire Rose was won in 1988 after the second time last year and the fifth in 1986, only two horses returned after they won to win; Brev, who defeated in 2000 after the end of the 10th in 1999 and Fiorentina.

* Together with last year's same favorite Marmelo, Red Cardinal, Ventura Oluro returned after running last year, while Vho Shot Thebarman stood up for the fourth shot in the race.

* Best Solution, weighing 57.5kg, would do what Maciba Diva has done in the last 40 years if she can score a goal.

* For the last 40 years, 63 horses have been 57.5 kg or more at the Melbourne Cup from Makiba Diva (58 kg) the only winner. Four finished on the second and four-thirds.

* 19 of the last 30 winners were between 53kg and 56.5kg. Almost half – 14 out of 30 – was between 54.5kg and 56.5kg.

* Best Solution is the only runner at this year's race above 56.5kg with Runavai (52kg), Ioungstar (51.5kg), Cross Counter (51kg) and Rostropovich (51kg).

* The Best Solution race won the last start also has a smaller impact on the Melbourne Cup.

* Eleven horses finished the double-year Cup / Melbourne Cup with Ethereal, in 2001, the latest.

* Between 1988 and 2004, 11 out of 17 Melbourne Cup winners challenged the Cup Cup.

* The Melbourne Cup winner did not come through the Caulfield Cup from Gledano (2008).

* The Melbourne Cup winner did not leave right from the Caulfield Cup at the Melbourne Cup of the Delta Blues in 2006. The contested Mackinnon Stakes is viewed after Caulfield.

Cliffsofmoher (third), Ioungstar (seventh), Vengeur Maskue (ninth), Ventura Storm (10th), Sound Check (12th), Chestnut Coat (13th) and Ace High (15th) join Best Solution like those who move to Flemington through the Caulfield Cup this year.

The Caulfield Cup is one of the eight races that have been used as a successful Melbourne Cup final winner by 14 winners who have run in Australia since 2003 and beyond.

The flip chart cast more winners than any other final lead at that time with four; Makibe Diva (2005), Efficient (2007), Green Moon (2012) and Fiorente (2013).

Avilius and Rostropovich are two who disputed this year's Circle of Salaries on Tuesday.

Barber of Melbourne Cup 2018. Photo / Getti
Barber of Melbourne Cup 2018. Photo / Getti
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