Monday , November 29 2021

Barry Soper: Pike Rivera's re-entry is not welcome to everyone



Fourth to four in the afternoon, eight years ago, something has happened deeply in the coal mine on the West Coast, for which most of us have never heard.

An explosion in the Pike River mine sent reverberations around the world and in the next few days, the media from here and abroad gathered at Greimouth, leaving sour taste in the mouth of the paddle.

Police District Commander Gerry Noules became a familiar face of the tragedy left by 16 miners and 13 contract workers dead. He kept it great, especially when a Australian media spy asked him why a cop from the country was conducting an operation.

Knovles addressed the reporter as "sir" and told him he was responsible for three quarters of the Southern island.

The head of the Pike River Coal, Peter Vhittall, has also become a familiar face, sympathetically agrees with the families of people who have died – just to turn them on when the ugly security records are placed under the microscope.

Vhittall was supposed to face 12 charges, but was dropped after the company paid nearly $ 3.5 million to families – which the Supreme Court considered unlawful, effective payments to avoid prosecution.

The leader of the unions who killed several of his members in the mine, Andrev Little, will return to the memorial services today, but this time the minister is in charge of re-entering the mine, which will take place early next year.

The decision to enter the mine, but not behind the wall that was its working part, was not all greeted by that terrible day.

Marion Curtin, the mother of 41-year-old Richard Holling who was murdered, said she could not believe the lack of common sense and even the reason behind him. She is ashamed of the cost of $ 36 million, which she said in an interview that was touching could be spent wisely on the living than on the dead.

Curtin says it's a useless exercise and is confused by what they expect. She said it was inadequate and disgusting to walk in the mine, taking the ash bag to give it to families.

The crime, she says, is disturbing the graves of dead miners; they should be allowed to rest peacefully.

Curtin believes that some other families feel the same way, but they do not decide.

The older mother says she loves Ricard every day – a good day for her, she says, is when she does not hear anything about Pike River.

Today she will be tough.

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