Saturday , January 16 2021

Kiwi snowboarder Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott won the first World Cup title in Austria

Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott performed the introductory tournament of the Big Air World Cup season in Austria.  (Image from file)

Sean M. Haffei / Getty Images

Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott performed the inaugural tournament of the Big Air World Cup season in Austria. (Image from file)

Kiwi teenager Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott won the introductory FIS Snowboard Big Air World Cup of the season in Austria.

The 19-year-old tried to open her fame on Sunday morning (New Zealand time) in Kreischberg because of her first title in the World Cup.

Sadovski-Sinnott from Wanaka won trumps in the last two runs, treading the last 1080 to reach 81.60, and then returned 900 for 80.80. That brought a total of 162.40 victories, and the Japanese Kokomo Murase the second (161.80) and the third winner of the Olympic gold medal, Anna Gasser (161.40), on the domestic snow.

“It was quite difficult [after crashing the first run]”I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I wanted to jump to the back of the 1080 in the competition,” she said after her triumph.

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“I only learned that this summer in New Zealand and so I was encouraged to land it in my second run. It really prepared me to switch to 900.

“I did not expect that, but I am super shaken. I can’t believe it, everyone sent it and the jump was so perfect, the girls sent it, it was sick. “

The World Cup title is the latest in a series of achievements for the young snowboard star.

Sadovski-Sinnott was bronze at the last Winter Olympics, in 2018 in Pyongyang, where at the age of 16 and 353 she briefly became the youngest Olympic medalist in New Zealand, before Nico Porteous broke the record later that day.

In 2019, she laid a triple crown in the slopestyle discipline, taking the Winter X Games, the FIS World Championship and the US Open titles.

This event in the World Cup was also Sadowski-Sinnot’s first opportunity to earn qualifying points for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Seven more kiwis were in action at the event, and snowboarders Cool Wakushima, Tiarn Collins and Mitchell Davern finished in 17th, 18th and 36th place, while freeskers Margauk Hackett, Ben Barclay and Luca Harrington were 12th, 38th. and 48.

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