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“Like a dungeon”: Trade Me pulls a list of Wellington’s windowless rentals


The two-bedroom rental in central Wellington, now pulled by Trade Me, seems to have no windows or ventilation.

It is delivered

Renting two-bedroom rooms in central Wellington, withdrawn by Trade Meu, has no windows or ventilation.

A windowless apartment in Wellington compared to a “dungeon” was removed from the online auction site after questions about its legality were asked.

The basement apartment — part of an eight-unit apartment building on Halleis Lane in central Wellington — was advertised as having two bedrooms and a bathroom, with photos showing an elevator opening directly into the living space.

The 124-square-foot property was described as a “fun retreat at the end of a long day,” with a rent of $ 520 a week.

What do landlords have to do when renting out a house?

But the seeming absence of a window opening – a requirement under the apartment lease law – was one of several issues identified by the rental lawyer.

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“Up to what length [the owners] “Trying to polish shit is almost ridiculous at the moment,” said Wellington Renters United spokesman Ashok Jacob.

“They try to look like a reasonable place to live, even though it’s obviously just a basement or a warehouse.”

The rental looked like “someone’s dungeon,” he said.

Trade Me withdrew the entry a few hours later Things asked whether the property was legal. Policy and compliance manager James Rian said the trust and security team removed him Thursday morning.

“All members of Trade Me must comply with New Zealand law, which includes the Housing Act, the Home Improvement Ordinance and the Healthy Home Guarantee Act. “Property that violates these actions is illegal and therefore cannot be listed on the spot,” he said.

Trade Me would be “wrong on the caution side” if he had any concerns about listing. It was not possible to check all eight million ads on the website at the same time, Ryan said.

The ad featured an elevator that opens directly toward the living room.

It is delivered

The ad featured an elevator that opens directly toward the living room.

It’s the latest sequel to the sad series, as below-class dungeon-like apartments are in the desperate rental market in Wellington — the most expensive in the country. Although Jacob was tempted to “laugh to stop crying”, he said that the saddest thing was that someone would “end up living there”.

The central location of the apartment is stated in the ad, which is located “behind Molly Malones” – an Irish pub that closed in 2015, and its former location should be demolished at some point in 2017.

The absence of a rental fee is also cited as a point of sale, although rental fees were banned three years ago.

The Wellington rental market is the most expensive in the country, leading to an emergency class of dungeon-like apartments.

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The Wellington rental market is the most expensive in the country, leading to an emergency class of dungeon-like apartments.

Rarera’s hand was identified as the owner of the apartment in the property books, but did not respond to requests for comment.

Jacob called for the establishment of a state body to actively enforce tenancy and housing laws, as well as “huge amounts of new homes” to give renters opportunities other than substandard rentals.

According to the Housing Act (RTA), every habitable room must have a window or some other way of letting in light. Steve Watson, the national manager of the Lease and Investigation Service, said that the landlords must abide by that law.

Each “habitable room” must have one or more windows to provide enough light, he said. The room could be exempted from these regulations, however, if it were “legal when it was built or converted into residential space”.

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