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Nade Liverpool are on the rise after defeating the Red Star Belgrade Football


Red Star players performed an honor outdoors when Jurgen Klopp entered the media room with Babi, I love your way from the Big Mountain that grew from PA. It was another humiliation in the night game of many for the Liverpool manager. The performance of his team was the toughest. They turned into the face of a lively and determined Red Star in order to find their qualifications unnecessary risk.

This was Liverpool's 200th match in the European Championship / Champions League and it was questionable whether they were playing in the atmosphere like wildlife, as they reacted. Two goals from striker Milan Pavkov, another really extraordinary effort, gave a glorious victory and Red Star's first victory in the competition – excluding qualifiers – after defending champions in 1992.

"The Other Beast at Home", Andy Robertson described them as. Liverpool could not contain a beast. Concern for Clopp and the company is that this season has become a different proposal from Anfield in the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain is waiting for the next in France. Liverpool left little margin due to a mistake.

Marakana's reputation for passion, hostility and continuous noise showed no exaggeration, although Klopp rightly insisted that this was not an excuse for the performance of Liverpool. It was a spectacular background and the Red Star replied in nature. Armed soldiers set the door, and the volume level increased in tandem with the control of the home side of the competition. There were also warm ovations for the Red Star players who beat Liverpool 2-1 at Liverpool in the Anfield for 45 years when they paraded around the pitch before the start. The "Red Star" display showed the support they received. Liverpool has supported the theory that Marakana is intimidating.

The selection of Kloppa, which was expelled by Ksherdana Shakiria in order to avoid any political distractions, seemed questionable and complacent from the very beginning. The rare absence of Roberto Firmino from the start line was understandable, and the Brazilian was tired but added Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana and Joel Matip to their separated approach.

Sturridge was supposed to open points when Robertson turned Sadio Mane's cross into his path, but without pressure, he was collecting waste. This would have turned out to be a costly crowd, which further stimulated the domestic audience and the short-time tactical switch.

While Mane and Mo Salah had room to attack their hips and Virgil van Dijk made another impressive start, Liverpool's performance as a whole deteriorated in the first half. The Red Star is openly open, as well as at Anfield, but this time they had talent and support for capitalization. Former Chelsea midfielder Marko Marin missed the 4-0 defeat, but was at the heart of a creative and reliable display of the Serbian champion. Pavkov, on the bench at Anfildu, accepted his chance at the side of the side Richmond Bokai.

Mohammed Salah was one of several Liverpool players who missed the chance

Mohammed Salah was one of several Liverpool players who missed the chance. Photo: Andrej Isaković / AFP / Getti Images

Marin had the first chance when El Fardou Ben Nabouhane found too much space behind Trent Alexander Arnold. He cut off and shot Alisson, then served Liverpool warning what would come with a dangerous angle shot by Vujadin Savic. The captain was one of those who missed an Anfield meeting, and he significantly improved the Red Star.

Marakana broke out behind Marin's next corner on the right. He floated deeply into a box of six yards where Pavkov came over the defensive players and set the unstoppable downside against Alison.

Home fans were upset, Liverpool was defeated, and more closely followed seven minutes later for visitors when the center shot in front of him. Due to possession of 40 meters from the goal, Pavkov easily cleared Georginio Vijnaldum aside before he entered. Virgil Van Dijk and Matip retreated, and the attacker accepted the call to launch a fantastic shot at a distance that flew into the right position of Alison.

Liverpool looked at the second damaging defeat in the group and the mountain task. None of the visiting teams received from Arsenal in the Europa League in October 2017. Red Star acknowledged once in five previous matches in Europe this season – a campaign that began in the qualifying round four days before the World Cup – and the visitors did not force Milan Borjan into the first half of the austerity. The clap replied by introducing Firmino and Joe Gomez at half-hour to Sturridge and Alekander-Arnold. He received a reaction requesting the situation, but not the desired change of results.

Firmino created a good chance for Manea that two defenders were equalized. There was a tone for the dominant second show from Liverpool. Robertson dropped the blood on the pillar by Filip Stojkovic, Salah hit the spot after James Milner was cornered – Salah also pulled out one of his real games – and Borjan saved it twice from the Egyptians in the immediate vicinity. Van Dijk also went from Firmin's cross, because Liverpool was constantly pressuring, but the home team happily dug up for a glorious victory, which was last seen through his incredible support.

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